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My name is Debbie and you can read more about me on my About Me page. I am so happy you stopped by.   I know there is a lot of information on Texasdaisey Creations so I created this page to let you know about the things I write about here and help you get started.

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Texasdaisey Creations is a lifesstyle blog about small town Texas life along with recipes, SAHM Tips, Blogger Tips, Gardening, Homekeeping, Animal Keeping, DIY Projects and Encouragement to water the soul (along with anything else that moves me).  My tagline is "Hope Lives Here!  I started this blog because I decided one day that I had something to say and I wanted to share the things that Life had taught me with other women so that maybe their way would be a bit easier and to encourage them on their way. I especially want to share hope.  I hope you enjoy your visit!

Here at Texasdaisey Creations I write about:

Texas Small Town Life:  When I was younger I lived in a large city but one day, my family decided to pack up and move to a very very small town in Texas.  I have been a small Texas town girl since then and I love it!  I share the joys and sometimes frustrations of Small Texas Town Life.

Being A Stay At Home Mom:  I was a SAHM and we did it when my husband was only making $10 an hour.  I share with you how you can do it to and lots of tips for living well while you do it.

Recipes: I share my personal collection of quick, frugal, and easy recipes to please and  feed your family.

My Projects: From time to time I like to do DIY or Craft Projects and I share them with you! Don't tell anyone in my present hometown (because I have retired my brush from public painting now) but I used to paint for a living...decorative painting on anything that would sit still.  I developed many techniques for faux painting.  I share some of those techniques along with whatever I am working on at the time.

Homekeeping:  As I raised my family, I learned lots of homekeeping tips and techniques that I share with you.

Cat Whisperer Tips:  Over the years I have learned lots of info about cats.  I have had lots and lots of cats...people drop them at my house and I care for them and love them until I can find the perfect home for them.  I share Cat Whisperer types of tips to help you understand the ways of cats so that you can live happily together with your cat.

Chickens:  I keep chickens and I share everything I have learned and am still learning about them

Bird Keeping:  I have zebra finches, dove, parakeets, a cockatiel, and a love bird.  Sometimes I write about bird keeping.

Frugal Ways:  When I was raising my family, I learned many frugal tips in order to live well on a tight budget.  I have always loved decorating my home and clothes and having nice things.  I share with you how to stay in the budget and still live well.

Gardening:  I love to garden and I love to read about gardening. I have learned much about gardening over the years from reading, doing and dear sweet people who have taught me their secrets. I share my garden photos as well as tips and projects to inspire and inform.

Travel (Mostly in Texas):  Every so often, we like to take a trip and I like share all about it. Most of our trips are in Texas but sometimes we stray farther.  I share about the places we stay, what we see, who we meet, and where we eat along with Travel tips to help you in your travels.

Blogger Tips:  I am one of those who hates to pay to have it done so that means I have had to learn lots about how to design my blog. I share the tips, code hacks, resources, and more that I have learned over the years.  I specifically share tips that will help others using the Google Blogger Platform.

Hope & Encouragement:  My passion is to share hope and encouragement with those who are weary with life or needing to be lifted up.  I love people, I love to help people, and I especially love to encourage people.

HeartSync: I am a HeartSync minister out of the Undivided Hearts Ministry of Abilene, Texas and I have an Undivided Hearts Ministry here in my hometown of Seymour, Texas. I offer HeartSync ministry and prayer ministry to anyone desiring ministry.  I do not charge for ministry but you can donate if you like.

Essential Oils & Herbs:  I have done much reading and study of essential oils and herbs.  I sometimes share tips, uses, and recipes for their uses.  I also sell Young Living Essential Oils.  If you would like to order oils or sell oils then I can help you out!

Journal & Here I Am:  You can find out more about me and my life and problems (yep, I have problems too!) listed under Journal and Here I Am.  I don't want to give the impression that everything is always happy and perfect at our house because we are normal people with normal problems.  I do however nearly always have peace and joy because of my relationship with Jesus.  He is everything to me and I love to share about Him with anyone who wants to listen...please know though, that I will never pound you with the Bible.  It wasn't made for that and I never want to be one of those people who makes others feel bad about desire is to encourage, lift up and love others no matter what (sometimes that "what" makes it hard but I still try and when I fail, I get back up and begin again!)

Contact:  You can contact me directly by email at texasdaisey24@gmail(dot)com or use my Contact Page

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Red Dog & Rosie:  My hubby writes about the funny things our dogs do, over at Texas Red Dog Adventures

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