About Me

Hello, I am Debra Howard. My friends and family call me Debbie. I am a small town Texas blogger who shares my
endeavor to make our home and life beautiful. I  I am an artist and a writer, and I sometimes I play around with photography and a little bit of web design but I am serious about being an encourager, love spreader, and hope monger <3

I am happily married to my high school sweetheart. He is also a blogger (in his spare time) over at Texas Red Dog Adventures where he tells funny stories about our lives and our many pets.  He is a certified Physician's Assistant (and probably certifiable too lol) He is my love and soulmate. <3
I have 3 children who have all flown the coop.  I have 6 amazing grandchildren so far who give my life sparkle. You will see lots of pictures of them on my blog because I think they are so darn cute!  You can find more details about me in posts with the label Journal<3

I am a trained HeartSync minister who was trained by the Divided Hearts Ministry in Abilene, Texas and I am available for HeartSync Appointments to anyone in and around the area of Seymour, Texas.  Requests for appointments can be made by contacting me through email. <3

I am a small Texas town blogger who started blogging in 2008  with a blog that grew into several blogs. It was too much so, I merged them into Texasdaisey Creations.  Yes, I do know that daisy is spelled wrong in my blog name. There is a story behind that...it starts back in the 80's when my daughter who was a young girl at the time created an email account. she spelled daisy just as you see in my blog name with an e. I thought it was cute. I inherited her email account later and then became Texasdaisey. <3

My hope is that I can help others in some small way and I am extremely passionate about being an encouraging voice that can shed a little light, love, and hope in a world that can always use more. <3<3<3
 Hope lives here!

You can contact me by email. I would love to hear from you:  Contact Me

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