Lake House Coastal Style Living Room Changes

It is that time of year when change is in the air.  I actually believe we are in a time of change that is even bigger than just the seasons.  Changes that will affect us for years to come. Change can be scary sometimes but other times changes are just what is needed to make things better.  The latter is true of our little lake house.

The picture below is exactly what we first saw when we purchased our lakehouse several years ago.  As well as seeing the current state of things we had a vision for what it could be.  We knew it would take hard work and lots of time and some money but after counting the cost, we decided to go for it.

Along the way, there were times when negative things could have seemed overwhelming and defeating but we kept our eyes on the vision instead of the negatives around us. That is key to finishing something large and to keep a positive attitude in life.  Focus on the vision instead of the negatives! We have come so far since that first picture.  We are so much closer to the complete birthing of that vision.  We are almost completely done on the inside of our lakehouse. ( I will be sharing the posts showing you the inside updates very soon.)  

It would be easy to just stop here because we are at a really comfortable place in our remodel.  The inside looks and feels so very great but that isn't all of the vision.  We saw the outside completed and beautiful as well.  That vision is going to require some more work, time, and money but we are patient and God willing we are willing to see it through.
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