The Beach House

Author of The Beach House Brenda Mize Garza
There is a new book out and a new website (by me!) to go with it!   Brenda Mize Garza, the author of this book is near and dear to my heart because she happens to be a very good friend.  That might make me a bit biased I am sure but I was quite impressed with her book.
The Beach House by Brenda Mize Garza Front Cover
The title of her book is "The Beach House".  It is the first of a series of books. It is a  Christian Fiction book about a gang of kids who discover special things about an old abandoned beach house on Starfish Island. 

In the story, Brenda draws together to disparate worlds, the familiar world inhabited by people and the world where demons inhabit.  She tells how one world affects the other through the decisions and actions in the other.  If you like Christian fiction books that touch on the supernatural then you will love " The Beach House".

Go see Brenda's brand new website: Brenda Mize Garza  and be sure to buy her book.
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