Tips For Making Your Home Beautiful on a Budget

Learn my tips for making your home beautiful on a budget.
Do you want to learn how to make your home beautiful on a budget? Are you feeling the need for an update in your home or maybe even a complete overhaul but then you see the size of your budget compared to the list of needs and then feel overwhelmed?  I have been there. I know those feelings of frustration, overwhelm, helplessness, and even depression that can come at times like this.  I also know how the condition of a woman's home can make such a difference in how she feels and acts.  It isn't that it needs to be fancy or large.  It just needs to feel good, be pretty and be comfortable.  That is possible. In the next few weeks, I will share some of my best tips for making your home beautiful on a budget.
Believe it or not, the atmosphere is the first most important thing about making your home feel and look good.  Decorating is important to me, colors, paint, textures, furniture, and accessories are great but one can spend millions of dollars on decorations and still have a home that doesn't feel like a home.  Atmosphere is what makes a difference.  The first thing I did after we purchased our little lakehouse is to change the atmosphere.

 There are many who would love to say that atmosphere doesn't make a difference or that it will come later when it is beautiful but think about it.  When you have been out shopping and suddenly you step into a store that makes you sigh with joy and wonder.  That place just feels good the minute you step into it.  You look around and feel the beauty as well as see it.  If you pay close attention you will realize that it isn't just how it is decorated because you will realize there are many things there that have been in so many other places but they didn't feel like this.  You will realize it is arranged beautifully but the same is true in so many other places.  If you will look deeper you will realize it is a spiritual difference in the atmosphere.

Have I scared you yet?  Get ready because it is going to get deeper before I am done.  This is the time to bail before I go on talking about spiritual things that might make you feel uncomfortable.  By the way, I am not going to give you breadcrumb scriptures to lead the way.  I believe it is time for Christians who are Kingdom minded and want to be mature sons to stop being fed like a baby with milk and grow up.  We need to begin to fully experience the scriptures so lovingly written for us and learn how to look deeper with the help of Holy Spirit rather than a teacher or preacher to bottle feed it to us.  It is time we immerse ourselves in His scripture, learn His ways, and begin our Kingdom journey with Him. For those of you still reading, this is your last chance, here we go...

The spiritual atmosphere of a place affects everyone who comes into that place whether they realize it or not.  There are many things that affect and cause a spiritual atmosphere.  I am going to start with the basics here.  You are welcome to contact me if you are interested in or need help on anything deeper or even weirder on this topic, nothing surprises me too much on this topic.  

When we first purchased our lakehouse it came with spiritual baggage.  Every place on earth comes with spiritual baggage.  Now that baggage can be good, bad, evil, wonderful and everything you can think of.  That happens because of the people who were there before and those who are there now.   Everything that  has occurred in that place has also affected it. You can check out The Bible to verify this.  Just google "The land is defiled in scriptures"  and you will see the negative ways we affect it.  Everything we do affects creation. We choose whether it is heavenly or hellish.  We are the gates of Heaven and/or hell.  What gate are you choosing to open when you step into a place?

A very simple thing you can do to change an atmosphere is step into it.  Have you ever noticed at a gathering when one person stepped in the whole atmosphere changed for the better or worse?  Well you just saw spiritual dynamics at work.  How you are feeling and thinking affects the atmosphere when you step into it.  Your relationship with God (YHVH ) affects the atmosphere. How is the atmosphere changing when you step in?  Is it getting better or is it going the other way?  You choose.  If you want your home to become a haven of beauty, love, refreshing, peace or anything then you can make the difference by deciding in your heart to release that into your home the moment you step in. 

How do I release those good and Heavenly things?  Here it is...I first step into His kingdom (it is at hand, close by)  I close my eyes (not necessary but helps one focus when first learning) When I began this I saw only darkness when I closed my eyes, now I see more.  That darkness is a veil in the temple of our body.  When Jesus died, that veil was torn so that we could step through into the Holy place (hidden place, prayer closet).  I part that veil and step through that veil by faith. (You can even take a physical step forward to help you have a physical experience that will give you a pattern for how the spiritual experience will feel.

After I step through, I inhale and pray, "Father I receive everything you have for me today in this place by faith."  Next, I back out (never turn your back on a King) and I exhale as I declare, "I release everything you gave me Father into this atmosphere to manifest as you desire."  Try it!  You will see what I mean if you truly do it with faith and a heart of expectation, knowing He will not give you a serpent or stone (anything that will harm you or weigh you down) when you ask.  If you do this every day for just 5 minutes, You will begin to see and feel a definite difference in your home.

Now, go a bit deeper when you step in.  "Father, I come into the place of Your presence by faith and I ask for peace, love, laughter, joy, beauty, etc. (whatever traits you desire for your home) to be released for my home."   Inhale and then back out and exhale and declare, "Father, I release all those things (I list them out sometimes) into this place and atmosphere to manifest without delay as You have ordained."  

Practice "going in and coming out" in this way until my next post on making your home beautiful on a budget and I would love it if you would leave a comment sharing what has happened as a result.  When we share testimony it raises the faith of all who hear it and increases the results.  My testimony on this is that the very things I stepped in and prayed for and then stepped out and released are the same things that people who visit my home and property will list out and say they feel when they are here. They have no idea that I asked for my property to be blessed with these things but they experience them and so does my family.

I have placed a beautiful Mezuzah on the lintel post of my door not because I am Jewish but because the scriptures say to do so.   I picked a really beautiful one so that it catches my attention and reminds me. It is there for me to be reminded to go into the kingdom and come out with blessings for my home as I step through the door of my home.  I don't believe we should be "religious" or motivated by law but I do believe there are keys in scripture that when applied properly with right heart intent will help us walk in His ways and change everything in Heavenly ways for the better of everyone and every place on Earth. 

I do plan to get to the actual physical parts of making your home beautiful on a budget which includes color, texture, furniture, accessories, etc but understand that everything in life needs to be done properly, in order, with the right foundation to achieve the best outcome.  Get the spiritual part right and the rest will be as easy to achieve as sliding through warm butter.  

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