Lakehouse Update: Exterior Before & After

There has been lots happening at the lakehouse lately.  So much so that between that, my garden, my Gigi duties, and just life in general, I haven't been posting as often as I usually like to here at Texasdaisey Creations.  Hopefully I can remedy that soon.

In the meantime, here is an update on the happenings at our little lakehouse.

Many of you will remember that this is where we started on our little jewel.  It was looking a bit ummmmmmm rough.  We actually had people who thought we had lost our minds when they first saw it.  

This was my first view.  I remember thinking "please let it not be the one with the red roof!"  But then I saw the front of it and looked deeper at the bones.  She had good bones.  We purchased her and we had her eaves closed in properly.

We decided to paint her and took a wrong turn on color with the first coat...I mixed in some creamy white and voila it became more what I had in my head.  A bit Bahama Mama!

We were headed down the right road now!  Things were beginning to look alot better.  

The new paint job made me smile!  I loved how she looked and was looking forward to all the many changes that were to come. (one which would include painting the roof).  

After only a few short months (not even a year), this is what her paint began to do...we were so disappointed!  We knew that new siding would have to come much sooner than we had hoped.  Even that timetable was propelled forward when we tore out the bathroom and discovered huge cracks in the siding.  

We had already changed out all the doors because we thought our cabin was being flooded that way every time it rained.  The doors were only part of the problem.  The siding was part of the problem too.

After much research and seeking of opinions, we decided that Hardie board was the way for us.  We decided that we needed to move our air conditioners to their new spots and add our new windows at this time.  We then added a new wider trim around the doors and windows.

We also closed in the larger window on the front of the house.  This would usually never be an option for me because I love windows but this one allowed so much heat into the house along with an ugly view, not to mention the neighbor's yard light shining in at night.  This is also where we will possibly add on to the house in future if we end up go forward with those plans.

Every detail added and changed was beginning to add up and make my pretty vision come into being.  This is about the time we began to get several weeks of rain.  Inches and inches of rain!  I wanted to paint!  I was not going to pray for that rain to leave though...especially after that 5 year drought.   Finally the sun came out again.

We decided we might as well go all in and get the electric upgraded too so we could cover the needed manhole in the side over with the new siding.  It is funny how one step can add so many other expensive steps before it is all over...lol.  Next came paint again.  this time, I knew exactly what shade would be perfect.  

Our little lakehouse is becoming beautiful!  Oh how she makes me smile!  My husband named her Rocky Point.  I added Cottage to her name.  Rocky Point Cottage.  Everything about her makes me smile...especially the peace that we feel as soon as we get near.

Oh how she makes me smile now!  She is becoming a shining jewel and I can't wait to show you all the things that are changing inside too.  Soon she will have some beautiful jewelry to wear that will give her that finished look along with a little sparkle.  In the meantime:

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Rocky Point Cottage is beautiful! What a transformation.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady