Why Am I Keeping That?

Why am I keeping that?  (Am a hoarder in the making or is it something else?)
Do you ever find yourself keeping things that do not make sense?  Things that don't really have an emotional value and certainly not much monetary value.  I found this spoon rest in my drawer.  Why am I keeping that?  Why did I actually use valuable storage space to keep it?  Why did I have to think about it before I tossed it into the trash?

It isn't like I can't afford another, not that I even need another one.  There are at least 4 or 5 more in the house (but not with cherries like those!).  So, what is the deal?

When, I asked myself these questions the first thing that popped into my head is, "well there might be hard times ahead."  What?  So a broken spoon rest is going to help that?  Lol.  I am really not crazy y'all.  I promise.

I did something freeing today.  I tossed that broken spoon rest into the trash and I felt lighter.  Maybe, I need to go through my cupboards and closets and drawers and garages, etc and do some more throwing away.  Apparently, I keep some things without reason or at least any reason that makes good sense.  That snuck up on me for sure!

I have always had some things I am not using and no apparent plan to use but those are things I describe as the Johanna Gains kind of keeping (not hoarding).  One never knows when one will want to decorate somewhere with it, but apparently there are also those broken spoon rest kind of things too.  Those broken spoon rests need to go.

Now, I just need the energy and motivation to tackle that job...lol (big sigh).
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