Secret Designer Tips On How To Decorate Coastal Style On A Budget

Secret Designer Tips on How to decorate coastal style on a budget and still give it glam.

Coastal Retreat 

I have always dreamed of having a beach house in Florida or somewhere.  I often dream of how I would decorate that beach house to make it beautiful and relaxing.   I am decorating our little lakehouse with a coastal style and have gained some insight about the best way to make it a place of coastal serenity, peace, and a bit of glam while staying in budget.

In the style board above you can get a bit of insight into the way I am decorating in the coastal style.  I am using a palette that includes blue, aqua, turquoise, and green along with brown to give it a bit of warmth.  All of this on a white background gives this room a soothing palette that speaks serenity, peace and relaxation.

My inspiration for this color palette comes directly from the painting in the upper right corner.  Using artwork or a multicolored patterned fabric is a great way to find the color palette for a room (1st secret designer tip).  After I decide on my palette, I like to go to the paint store and collect paint chips with my colors on them.  I find paint chips that have several shades of the same color on them.  Every one of these shades will work in my room and all those shades only count as one color on your palette (that is another secret designer tip).  I carry these paint chips in my purse for when I am out shopping (Tip #3).

A secret designer tip to stay in budget is to shop online, in magazines, books, or anywhere for the things you would love to decorate with.  Take a photo or email the link of the items to yourself  to carry on your phone.  Then, when you are out shopping thrift shops, tag sales, discount stores, or wherever, you can look for similar items that cost much less.

I like to pair unexpected things together when I decorate.  One way I do that is by pairing the smooth white leather sofa with the  texture of the white wicker chair.  Another way is to use natural items such as baskets, shells and wood flooring with the smooth sparkle of glass.  This gives the casual relaxed room just a bit of glam and sparkle.

Last, I add personality to my coastal styled room with accessories.  These accessories take the form of seashells, glass bottles, baskets, pillows, lighting and plants.  I use accessories that fit the color palette and many even have the coastal theme.
Whether you have a beautiful Florida coast home or not you can stay in budget and still give any home coastal style using these tips.

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Stacey said...

Great ideas! When we are out shopping, my best friend always picks up things and says, "This is what I would have in my beach house." That's pretty much what this pretty post is. :)

Terri Clinton said...

I like the idea of creating a style board. Terrific practical ideas, especially that of mixing unexpected pieces together in a living space. Excited to be moving to my coastal dream home next week and implementing these ideas in creating my home face lift!

Jackie said...

Love the picture that was your inspiration. Would you mind sharing the name of the artist or the painting name? Thank you!

Debbe said...

I live on the gulf coast and love the color blue and lighthouses.Started this design style when it wasn't popular so I've had years to collect !