Let's Talk Fonts

Let's Talk Fonts.  Where to get them and How to install them on your PC
I really really like fonts!  I like fonts so much that I have actually spent money buying fonts.  What are fonts?  Fonts are the  styled characters that are typed out when you type on your computer keyboard. (This one is Georgia).  Fonts come in many many different styles and types and they are great to have if you do scrapbooking or design work, especially graphic design or web design.  They are also great for those who just like to be creative with fonts on their posters, cards, etc.

There are some really great websites where you can download fonts.  Many of these websites will  even offer free font downloads.  Be sure to read the  license of use for each font you download.  You can find tons of font places from Pinterest.  I have a Pinterest board where I have saved some of my favorite font blog posts that lead to font websites where you can download some too.  Here is my Pinterest board for fonts.

If you decide to download some fonts be sure to check out their terms of use.  Some fonts require payment before you can download them.  Others require payment or a donation under certain circumstances such as for commercial use.  Other fonts are completely free to use for anything anytime, anywhere.  Many of these websites operate under the honor system.  I stay on the proper side of the law and the honor system concerning fonts, pictures and anything else I download.  This saves any embarrassment and/or lawsuit issues.  Believe me they can track you down if you don't (besides it just isn't cool to steal or cheat).

Once downloaded your fonts need to be installed on your PC before you can use them:
  1.  Find the downloaded file and click on it twice.
  2. Click Extract File Button (located at top of opened file)
  3. Open extracted file (If it doesn't open automatically)
  4. Click Install Button (located at top of opened file)
Your new font is installed and ready to use.

Come back next Thursday and learn how to create your very own font   and install it on your PC (Trust me it's super easy!).

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