Gigi Problems

Gigi problems...the great purple marker debacle

I have been keeping my granddaughter, Zerah, at least 2 days a week since she was 5 weeks old. It has been pure joy for the most part but there have also been those other days.  This past week she discovered a purple magic marker (I have no idea where)   Anyway...you can see part of the damage in this pic.  There was also "artwork" on the wall and a couple pieces of furniture.
Gigi problems such as what kids really do when you aren't looking

 Zerah loves playing with Gigi's phone.  I try to limit how much screen time she has so I encourage her to be a photographer.  Apparently she is quite the photographer because she captures images that I have no idea about.  It is always interesting to see what pics she took after she leaves.  I have been blissfully believing that she never touches my things on the fireplace.  Boy was I wrong as I discovered with this picture. Lol.

Gigi problems. What? she got my phone...did she text someone or what?

 Not all of her pictures capture something naughty.  Sometimes it just captures her perspective.  I find it pretty interesting.  Who else but Zerah would take this photo?  I was so glad when she wanted to get in the cart. I had no idea she had my phone out of my purse at this point. Lol.

Gigi problems like is she a great photographer or what?

 In this photo, she is laying under my coffee table with her feet up on the couch.  I thought she was playing a game on my phone.  I'm not complaining because I think we may have a budding photographer in our midst and that thrills me even if she does capture a few odd photos.

Gigi problems like we don't need to be dressed in the garden do we?

 Art isn't the only thing we have to be concerned about at Gigi's house.  On this day, Zerah didn't want to be completely dressed.  In this photo she is wearing a shirt, pullups, and her garden boots.  I did try to dress her properly but Zerah had other ideas.  That is OK though because Gigi, figures that there are other battles to fight and this one wasn't it.  It wasn't so bad since we were just in the backyard and it is Gigi's house after all.

Gigi Problems...Surprise!...more purple marker debacle!

A couple days after Zerah was gone, Gigi found this.  It was some more artwork that Gigi had somehow missed in the purple marker debacle.  I got most of it cleaned off but not all of it.  I guess Gigi needs to paint the cabinets in the 2nd bathroom now (sigh).  Now, I am wondering what other surprises Gigi has from Z.

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