Tips for navigating transition

Everything was going along OK in life till one day everything changed.  Now you have picked up the pieces and you are ready to move on but you find yourself where you can't go back to the way it was and you can't seem to go forward.  My friend, you are in what is called transition.

I have gone through many times of transition.  Those times always involved moving from one place to another.  Those places were sometimes actual places on a map, or one season to another  or one job to another, one career to another, or even one way of being such as from child to adult, or from single to married and many more I could name.  

One thing all these had in common is that they were uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.  It was like going from living in the whole house of life to living in just the hallway.  I will be honest, I have shed many tears, thrown many fits, worried my hair gray, and even come close to giving up when in times of transition because they were so very hard at the time.  Looking back, I now see how very important those times were and I see why they are designed by God to be so uncomfortable.  He doesn't want us to camp out there any longer than necessary.  

I also see how I could have relaxed a little and made better use of those times than to cry, throw a fit, or become discouraged.  I could have spent more time preparing for the next place in life.  I could have spent more time hanging out with God.  I could have spent more time enjoying my family. I could have spent my time learning something new, etc.

Tips to get through transition in a positive way

Be encouraged friend if you are in a time of transition and the pressure is on (like a baby in a birth canal).  You can rejoice because you can be sure that as you cooperate with God in the process that He will complete what He has started.  You can trust that He is faithful to His word.  You can find comfort in that word and in spending time with Him.  Many times the transition is simply a place of holding you until the timing is perfect for you.  You wouldn't want to start a brand new job only to lose it a month or two later.  That almost happened to us once.  

We knew God had put our current city on our hearts as the place He was taking us.  We were so happy to finally have a destination.  We had been in contact with the administrator of the hospital and they were interested in a meeting with my husband.  We began to research the town and happily went to visit family for a holiday, knowing that we would be talking to the administrator about a new job after the holiday was over.  The holiday ended...the week went on to two weeks and we heard nothing from the administrator.  What happened?   It was heartbreaking because we thought we had heard so clearly from God with confirmations even.  That shook us up a bit.  

We picked up the pieces and began to look elsewhere.  My husband gained a job in another town and we prepared to move.  We put our house on the market, began to search for a new home in the new town. Months passed and for many reasons too long to tell today, we didn't move.  In fact, it got very very difficult for us in those months that added up to a year.  We were tested in our faith many times through that year and It was terrible at the time.  

After such a severe time of testing in so many areas of our life that included finances, failing a test for credentials, losing all our life savings, borrowing up to our necks, losing another job and even questioning if we heard God wrong; we learned that when God tells you He is going to do something then you can bet on it happening as long as you are on board for the process (transition) necessary to make it happen.  After all that, we were preparing to take a "too good to be true job" that paid huge wages (but we didn't have peace about it).  I told God, "If you don't want us to take this job then you better do something before I mail these papers in the morning."  That evening we received a phone call from the hospital that we had originally felt God was leading us to...my husband now works at that hospital.

encouragement for your time of transition

If you find your life in a time of transition then remember that you can make it harder or you can make use of the time.  Use this time as an excuse to get even closer to God.  Relax and remember that God is faithful.  He wants you to prosper even more than you want to.  He has your best in mind.  We found out later that had we got my husband's job at the time we first thought he would then he would have lost it because of a shakeup that happened.  God was protecting us all along and in the meantime He was teaching us so many lessons in faith that I wouldn't give up now even if I had the choice because, I know my God so much better than I did before and I know without any doubt whatsoever that He is faithful.  

See that picture of the sunset above?  That photo was taken about 5 minutes before the picture below.  The same camera was used and both photos were taken without filters or even alterations done with the exception of my name added in the corner.  Sunsets are a time of transition...

Tips for your time of transition

Take encouragement from the photos.  Remember that God is taking you from one place that may seem beautiful to a place that is stunning in joy and beauty.  Remember that the process takes time sometimes and that it isn't always (in fact almost never) the way you think it will go.  Sometimes it might even get messy and painful.  Remember that God has your very best in mind.  Remember also that God truly does have it all in His control as long as you leave it there and cooperate with Him. Make good use of your time.
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Thank you, thank you for this very encouraging post. It did my heart good this morning.

Beautiful photos!

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