Spring Time Dreaming

We have been spending every weekend we can at our little lakehouse this year.  It is a good place to stop and take deep breaths and even do a little dreaming.   What a view to dream with!  I never get tired of the beautiful views from our lakehouse deck.

As springtime has neared I have been dreaming of flowers and trees and bushes.  When we first moved into our regular home it had a pretty garden that I enlarged and made into a beautiful garden.  Oh how I enjoyed sitting on our patio or any of the little spots where I had chairs or benches to enjoy my garden with.

A few years ago we began to have a terrible drought that many of you have read about in my blog.  It pretty much devastated my garden.  I lost 9 full sized holly trees, a huge American Elm (which is almost extinct), a couple of pecan trees, about 4 Elberta peach trees 2 white faced peach trees, 4 plum trees, countless bushes, countless roses, countless perennials, a dreamy bent grass lawn...

The drought is over now but our water rationing is not over yet.  We are still waiting for the rains to restore our underground water reservoirs and that takes time.  At the moment we are allowed to water two days a week with a hose by hand (no sprinkler) for one hour in the morning and then in the evening another hour.

I am still trying to decide whether to start planting yet or not.  I trust the drought is over, I just do not know how much time I want to spend actually watering everything with a hose in hand.  Time has been a premium lately and although I am dreaming of a new beautiful garden...I'm thinking we will jump back into planting slower but I'm just not sure because I know that eventually I will get spring fever and then what?  I am so tired of seeing the weed patch that my back lawn has become and the dirt patch that my front yard has become.

I haven't given up...I just want to be certain that the next garden I plant has every possible chance of making it.  I am already planning it in my mind and probably need to start plotting it on paper.  More likely though I will just go with it and plant as I see in my head and let the garden be a bit on the cottage side.  Oh how I adore flowers, trees and bushes as well as the little critters that come with them!  Maybe I will plant some showy crepe myrtles to replace the holly trees, and I will definitely be planting David Austin Roses along with many other flowers and herbs and bushes and trees.  I still have hope and I have faith that I will have a beautiful garden again soon.

In the meantime, I have scattered thousands of wildflower seeds at our little lakehouse to add to the many that are already there.  I am so excited to know that no matter what goes down this year at our regular home there will be flowers at my lakehouse.  I can already see them growing and I look forward to their beautiful colorful blooms.

You know, Texas has the very best wildflowers ever.  You can see even more of those blooms Here

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What beautiful photos! I would enjoy that view of yours too, it is awesome.

Your poppies are so pretty. I can't wait to see the wildflowers blooming at your lake house.

I am so sorry you lost so much from the drought in your state. May your water reservoirs be replenished and your new gardens flourish.

Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

Julie's Lifestyle said...

What a gorgeous sunset and flowers. Yay for spring.
Hope you have a nice weekend.
Julie xo