Fun Times In Spring Time

There has been a lot of fun going on in our lives lately.  Spring has arrived and that means we can go to the park.  Little Z loves the park!  She runs her Pac and I (Gigi) up and down the park every time we go.  We have lots of fun watching her have so much fun.  Yes, it is exhausting but exhilarating too.  The extra exercise sure doesn't hurt us either. Lol.
Fun times in spring time at the Whiteside Museum of Natural History otherwise known as the dinosaur museum of Seymour
Little Z also has us visiting the Whiteside Museum of Natural History otherwise known as the "Dinosaur Museum" to little Z.  She really gets a kick out of it.  I have to admit that I am very impressed with it too and so are the dinosaur experts who like to come see the new species of dinosaurs that have been dug locally.  There are new displays and new things to learn every time we visit.  There is even a great view into the workrooms where the local paleontologist, Chris Flis works on the newest items that have been dug up.
Fun times in spring time in Texas with Baby B and His Mama (Wild One photography)
We also had fun when Baby B came along with his mama to spend the night.  Oh how much we love their visits.  Baby B is taking a few steps now...soon he will be motoring around everywhere.  His first birthday is here and we are planning a big birthday party this weekend.  I think Baby B will have a great time eating birthday cake and opening presents.  It sure will be fun to watch.  I wonder if he will like the presents or the boxes better?  We shall soon see!
Fun times in spring time with my surprise visitor from Japan
To top off the fun this week, Baby B and his mama brought me a really great surprise...this guy flew in all the way from Japan to surprise us.  Oh how happy I am to be able to hug my youngest again (at least for this week anyway).  It is so difficult to send him off to Japan again but I know it is a must because his country needs his service. My heart already looks forward to when we will see him and hug him again.  
Fun times in spring time with flowers of spring in my garden
It has been a great week with lots of fun despite my back giving me problems again.  (And right when Spring gets here too!)  Hopefully I can get it fixed this next week and be out in the garden for some cleanup and planting...more fun for me!  I love working in my garden in the Spring time and I am determined to not be laid up this year.  

Fun times in Spring Time here in Texas.  Gotta enjoy it while it lasts because the Texas Summer heat will be here before we know it. ;0)
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Dee Ann Mullins said...

I sure do enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your family! Hug Reed's neck for me and thank him for his service for our country!! (if he's still home) I am so proud of him!! Happy Easter to your family! Hosanna, He is Risen!!

Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much Dee Ann! We miss you guys so much! I gave Reed a big hug!