You Don't Have To Be Stuck With That White Freezer

How to paint your appliances
 We needed a small freezer at our lakehouse to hold extra ice and so we moved one from our garage to the lakehouse.  It was the perfect size but not the perfect color.  I decided that I didn't have to live with it so I decided to fix it.
 I had hoped the white would be OK since our walls were white but as you can see, it really stuck out.
 I knew I could leave it and eventually get used to it but I decided that I could make it look better. I  considered several options which included using Stainless Steel Contact Paper to make it match my other appliances.  I also considered stainless steel paint.
 I decided to paint it the same color as our cabinets.  I used Behr Jamaica Bay Acrylic Paint with primer.  I used a brush which does cause slight brush marks but they are no more noticeable than on the wood cabinets which didn't bother me because it causes the texture to be more smudge proof and not show fingerprints but if you wanted it to have a smoother feel then just use the paint in a sprayer.

You could make the surface more resistant to scratches by using an oil based paint but I have found that with the proper handling that acrylic holds up just fine. Be sure to let the paint cure for at least 3 weeks before heavy use.  That gives the paint time to harden and become more resistant to scratches.
Now, doesn't that look better?  Even my husband thinks it does, although he is getting a bit afraid that if he sits still too long that I might decide to paint him too.
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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a difference paint makes. I love that you painted the freezer.

Got a kick out of your husband thinking he doesn't want to sit still for too long or you might paint him. :-)