New Year Decisions

New Year New Decisions to take me into this next year.
The New Year is here now and quite frankly, I am happy to see 2015 leave.  Please know that I do not wish time or my life away but 2015 was a tough one for my family and I.  We are hoping that 2016 will bring better times.

I have made a few decisions to enter 2016 with.  One of those decisions is that I am not going to do a year in review post.  Why look back at so much sadness?  There was much sadness, and there were happy blessed days too. We will definitely enjoy remembering the part where Baby Barrett was born and the parts where we enjoyed he and Baby Zerah.

I have decided not to start a diet or exercise plan.  Instead, I want to face each day by experiencing them moment by moment and try to make better decisions in those moments as much as possible.  Hopefully at the end of 2016, The healthy decisions will outweigh the unhealthy.

I have decided that I am not going to do a post about my Word for the Year.  Why limit my year to a one word focus?  I think this next year needs to be more than that for me.  I want this year to be different and so I will start it out different. I want to break off the limitations of one word and explore the possibilities.
I have decided that I am limited only by my imagination.  It is not my age, my weight, my economics, or any other thing that limits me...It is my ability to imagine what can be and so I have decided that I will endeavor to throw off those limits and find out what happens.

There are other decisions that I could write about today, but why spoil the surprises?  So with that and the decisions that I have shared, in mind, let's celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the new year.

I have decided that I want to be on the path that God has written for me and I don't want to miss even one second of that. If that path includes sadness or pain or hard work then so be it.  I know that He plans the best for me with my best in mind and so I will trust and remember that as I leave 2015 and enter into 2016.  I will try to receive and learn the lessons He brings to my path and to savor those blessings and those lessons that He delivers.

Happy New Year's to you!  May you also find the path God has written for you!
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