Look What I Found!

Look at what I found! This beautiful pillow from Gordon's Furniture
Have you noticed lately that when you walk into most furniture stores, you are confronted with a sea of brown?  There are spots of white, beige and a bit of black but most of the furniture is brown.  Now, don't get me wrong, I think brown is a great color but why  neglect the others?  I was spending some time with my friend one afternoon and look what I found!

Look what I found at Gordon's Furniture! A beautiful unique bar with stools
It is a furniture store and it was filled with color!  Not only did they use color impressively but they had the coolest furniture and ideas for that furniture that I have come across in a long time.

Look what I found 1  Beautiful slipper chair with rustic side table
Every nook and cranny was filled with really rocking cool pieces and color, color, color!!!

Look what I found at Gordon's Furniture a rustic bed and a stained glass etegere
I quickly requested permission to blog about their store.  They were so very friendly and very happy to let me blog about their beautiful oasis.  I had a hard time knowing when I had enough photos because everywhere I looked was beauty and cool!

Look what I found, light fixtures and furniture like on Fixer Upper
You will notice that they have a lot of things that you might see on Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines.  I am certain that I have seen light fixtures much like these on that show.  They told me that they actually use one of the same suppliers that Magnolia Farms does.  How cool is that?

Look what I found at Gordon's Furniture, a rustic buffet and dining table
Who needs dining chairs all in the same color when you can have two? I love this idea!  I was trying to decide what color to paint my dining room chairs at our lakehouse and this decided it for me!  Don't you love that buffet and chair beside it?

Look what I found at Gordon's Furniture. A farmhouse industrial style bar,/table and stools.
What about this really cool table.  The possibilities of use are endless for this.  It would make a great kitchen island, work table, laundry folding table, crafting table, kitchen table, and so on...

Look what I found, a farmhouse style rustic side table and accessories
This little side table really caught my eye too and check out that gorgeous bowl on top.

Look what I found at Gordon's Furniture.  City glamour furniture and accessories
I love this little group they had on display.  It is glamorous and fun all at the same time.

Look what I found at Gordon's Furniture!  Aqua Cottage Style furniture
Of course I couldn't walk past this little group without a picture.  Cottage and aqua are my favorites! Who could ask for more?

Look what I found at Gordon's Furniture!  Farmhouse flea market style furniture and accessories
This is not my personal style but I still loved it.  My daughters would really like it.  Everyone needs a clock in a fan!

Look what I found at Gordon's Furniture!  Texas Ranch Style Furniture
If you are tired of the sea of brown and in the market for some really interesting, quality furniture pieces  then you should definitely check out Gordon's Furniture.  It is a family owned business, located in the small Texas town called Childress.  Gordon's has a huge showroom floor with multiple rooms to see.  That isn't all...they also have two more stores across the street!  One is their overflow and one is their discount furniture.  You won't be bored if you decide to visit this little Texas jewel of a town.  There are other places to see and shop that won't disappoint.  I can promise that I will definitely be back!
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Stacey said...

I love that aqua chair! It's so exciting when you walk into a place and they just seem to get it. :)