How To Add Image Gadgets Without A Title To Blogger Blogs

How to add image gadgets on blogger without a title.
Sometimes it is not desirable to have a title on every gadget in your sidebar or elsewhere on your Blogger blog.  Blogger has come a long way and does not force you to add a title to every kind of gadget but what is a person to do when Blogger forces one to give a gadget such as an image a title?  Here is a great way to avoid having a name on those gadgets or images:
When you are adding a gadget to your blog then just type: <!----> where the title goes and click save.

This is an HTML tag and it will be invisible in the title field when your blog is viewed.

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Stacey said...

Hey Debra! I've been studying your Blogger posts which are fabulous, by the way. Would you write a post on how to make the pictures all the same size? I think that looks so nice but the HTML scares the heck out of me. Pinning your posts. :)

Pam said...

Thank You so very much! I've been working hard on updating my blog to suit my personality better- and it's been an uphill battle to find ways to do what I think should be easy "fixes".... At the end of a very long day it was so great to end on a good note and have something work out right! So happy to have stumbled on your site through Pinterest!