A Girl Can Change Her Mind

 A girl can change her mind...I have decided to choose a word of the year after all.  I discovered that last year's word "focus" turned out better than I had thought.  I realized it today as I have been dragging out beautiful items from my cupboards to purge.  The word focus even came out of my mouth as I handed these beautiful red plates, platter and cake plate to their new owner.  It is funny how all this cleaning out and letting go activity reminds me of my life right now.

I have decided to "focus" on keeping the things that define my own style and that means letting go of the things that do not.  I love so many things and can really get into lots of styles but I want to "focus" on the style that is truly me.  The same is true of the things I do in life...I could be a decorator, or a counselor or something else that makes lots of money and I would be really great at those things but my life took a different turn...I became a wife, a mother, and now a Gigi.

This vintage match holder with it's charming bits of 30's green paint and rust just don't fit in my kitchen anymore.  They are a bit more farmhouse than my style is.  Why keep trying to fit it into my kitchen shelves and clutter things up?  I've tried to do the same in my life.  I have lost focus at times and tried to "accomplish" something and forgotten that truly I do accomplish a lot when I keep my focus on what is truly important in my life...my God and my family.  All the rest of the things help me enjoy life as long as it stays in it's proper place.

 No more being frustrated because my plans don't work out anymore! I am clear about what my focus should be now but what should my word of the year be?  I am still wondering what word God will give me as I post this beautiful cherry plate on our local Facebook trading post.  I do collect cherries but these are not as fun and bright as my style...these are more Country farmhouse (I guess it was a phase for a while)  Maybe I was having an identity crises when I bought them but no more!

 These vintage items are from my Strawberry phase...sometimes we evolve into what our true identity is.  I started with strawberries because my mom had them and I always loved her collection.  I had a couple of friends who also collected them. But I have come out of the crowd now and found that I am unique and that is OK.

Life just isn't a straight line...it is something much more beautiful and exciting than that kind of like the pattern on this plate.  There are twists, turns, beautiful roses, and then bumps and dips and around and around it goes.  It is easy to get caught up in all of that and forget to back up and see the beautiful pattern your life has become.
 Just look at that beautiful pattern!  I wonder how I can ever part with such beauty but then I remember that I must if I truly want to embrace my own kind of beauty.  Why hide these beautiful things and deny someone truly enjoying them?  We must do the same in our life...sometimes there are patterns that do not fit our true identity and so we must let go of them.  What are you holding onto that you need to let go of?  For me it has been some offences, some ways of thinking, some ways of doing things.  I have also let go of some habits that were getting in my way and cluttering my life.

 Here I am at the end of my post and still no definite word!  A girl can change her mind can't she?  I just don't think this is my year for a single word.  You know what?  As I write this post, I realize that it is completely OK.  I trust God to get me through this year and to teach me how to overcome every enemy that rises up whether it is sickness, death, or whatever.  I trust Him to show me how to rule over every single area of my life by letting Him rule through me.  I trust Him to fill the places that I empty out with something more beautiful! Oops!  Back it up.  I think I just found my word.  My word is trust.  I am going to work on trust.  OK then.  Trust it will be.

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Debby Ray said...

Hi Debra! Thank you for visiting and leaving the kind comment on my blog! Oh, you are so right about hanging on to STUFF...and I am so guilty of that myself! Like you, I like what I like and I really think keeping to our own styles is what makes us who we are! You have a beautiful blog and I hope follow more of your posts! Blessings!