16 Random Things

In honor of the new year 2016, I thought I would share 16 random things about myself.

1.  In another lifetime I was a really great decorative painter.  It wasn't really another lifetime but it seems that way.  I helped to make lots of money with my decorative and faux painting and I was really great at it.  I could paint things to look like different kinds of wood, brick, granite, stone, marble, etc.  I could also look at a picture and then paint it.  I can still do it, I just choose not to most of the time.  I did all of that with very little formal training.  I practiced and just kept painting till I could make my brushes sing.  My last job (an entire house...inside and out!) was so hard on me physically and emotionally that my husband promised me that I would never have to paint again unless I wanted to.  Since the day I finished that job, I have not painted for money again (except once to help someone out but I made them pay!).  Now, I enjoy my skills for my own pleasure and I want to keep it that way...no more painting from the moment I wake up till the moment I lay my head down!  No more dining room overtaken with paints and patterns and projects everywhere!  No more climbing that ladder unless I want to!

2.  I collect vintage Winnie The Pooh and Paddington Books.  I loved those stories as a child and I still love them.  I love how the vintage books look (minus their dust jackets) on my shelves.  I know I should keep the dust jackets on them but it's my shelf and my books so I don't.  I do store the dust jackets away though just in case someone wants to sell them later when I'm gone (lol).

3.  I am a Star Trek and Star Wars nerd.  I know, that is a shocker to some.  I grew up watching them and I still love them.  I have seen every Star Wars movie on the big screen except the current one.  Hoping to get there before it leaves the theaters but no worries if I don't.  I will definitely watch and enjoy it.

4.  I think I have a counselor sign over my head that everyone else can see.  It is so strange because I can remember my classmates coming to me for advice all the way back in Kindergarten.  It is not unusual for complete strangers to tell me their life story and I mean the deep things.  They usually say that they don't know why they are telling me even as they are spilling their guts.  It even happened when I would be a Church Camp Sponsor.  I would sit down near kids at meals and before the meal was over they would be sharing things they had never shared before about their lives.  (Oh how many times that one was being harmed behind closed doors)  I used to think it was a bad thing for me but over the years have learned to embrace it and realize it is a gift from God. I never share what they tell me without their permission unless bound by law to do so.  Most of my ministry is this type of ministry and it happens: in person, by phone, by social media, Skype, Google Hangouts, and even on Facebook games etc.  I have learned not to set limits to how I can minister to others.

5.  I learn things easily.  I love learning new things.  I have figured out that you can learn anything you want to.  Most of my learning happens when I read a book, a magazine or a blog.  Sometimes I will learn on Youtube or an online class.  I didn't get to do college like I wanted to but that didn't stop me.  I learned on my own and I am still learning.  Most of the things I have accomplished and done well in life came with no formal training.

6.  I am an Introverted Extrovert.  That means that I am quite able and willing to strike up conversation with complete strangers and even be the center of attention for periods of time but I need my alone time too.  I need time without chatter or activity when I can recharge and renew.  I can be equally happy being the center of attention or the quiet one at the back who says nothing.

7.  I was never lonely a day in my life until I moved to the town we live in currently.  That was 12 years ago. I could always go out and make friends easily.  If I wanted relationship time with a friend it simply meant dropping by to see them at home or work or an invitation to go to lunch or something or a play date doing crafts or gardening or something together...until...one day it didn't work that way.  God had me in a place where those conversations didn't lead to invitations or relationships even. It was a time where circumstances had my old friends busy and not able to visit.  It was frustrating and lonely and painful because I didn't know how to change it. Now,  I wouldn't change it, because it drove me to spend more time with Him and to seek a deeper level of relationship with Him that I might not have if the circumstances were different.  Sometimes we need a time of hiddeness in the Elijah Cave (that is what I call it because it was like others didn't see me) to bring us to new understanding in matters of life and new places with God that I could not even imagine before.

8.  I am a foul weather quilter.  You have heard of fair weather friends...those friends who only want to be friends when things are great for you?  Well, a foul weather quilter is someone who only quilts when the weather is foul.  I get too hot trying to quilt when it is warm outside.  Therefore, I only like to quilt when it is frigid outside which makes me a foul weather quilter.  Sad thing is that I am not even a loyal foul weather quilter.  I can let a quilt lay for months and even years on end before finishing it and then suddenly one day I will get busy and finish it.

9.  I like folding laundry.  Weird isn't it? This gets even weirder though because I do not like one part of laundry...it is the part where I have to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  I don't mind starting it or folding it but I hate switching from the washer to the dryer.  I don't even know why I hate that part!  I don't know why I like folding laundry either!  I'm not a great laundry folder like my Gloria (housekeeper) is though.  Oh, how I wish I could fold as pretty as she does!  Maybe she will give me lessons sometime.

10.  I love old movies.  I am quite willing to watch a wide variety of genre of movies except horror.  I just can't do horror movies of any kind.  I also can't watch movies that have too much cursing in them.  If I hear the "F" bomb too many times then I won't watch it no matter how good it may be. I love Doris Day movies, John Wayne movies, Cary Grant movies, Audrey Hepburn movies, Maureen O'Hara movies, Katharine Hepburn movies, Tom Selleck movies, Keanu Reeves movies, Westerns, Thrillers, Romantic Comedy, Space movies, Spy movies, Adventures, and the list goes on and on and on.  I love movies.

11.  I am a really great cook but I am not a reliable cook.  What I mean by that is that I am quite capable of cooking really great things.  I even make up my own recipes and almost always alter other people's recipes but there is that unreliable part of me.  That part that may be too tired, too sick, or just not in the mood to cook.  I used to be really reliable when we lived in the North part of the Panhandle of Texas because there were no restaurants to pick up the slack.  We only had one or two places to eat out at nearby, so I had to cook.  Then we lived farther south but we couldn't really afford to eat out very much so I cooked.  When we moved to Seymour, I just said no to cooking for several years.  We ate out a lot!  Now, I am back to cooking again but I am not very reliable yet. lol.

12.  I have watched every single episode of M*A*S*H multiple times and I can still watch them without getting bored.  When I was growing up there was a time when I could watch that show 3 times most days and on the night the new episode aired then 4 times.  We never missed an episode and now we still enjoy watching them on Netflix.  The same goes for Andy Griffith, Matlock, Murder She Wrote, Miami Vice, Designing Women, and many more old TV shows.  Yeah, I tend to like watching TV.  Good news though!  I almost never watch any TV during the weekdays at all till evening.  I do have to get things done. lol.

13.  I tend to be a slave driver when it comes to working myself.  I mean it.  When I start a project out at the Lakehouse, or in my garden, or even in my home then I work till I am so tired I can't hardly stand.  I do take little 5 to 10 minute rests every hour or so but then I am back to work and I will do that for long days late into the night.  I get a lot done this way but it does come with a bit of a crash when I give out and have to rest for a day or two because I am exhausted.

14.  I am an expert at packing and moving people even though I have only personally moved about 4 times.  I have  helped move many of my friends and family.  Over the years, I have developed a method that allows one to know exactly what is in every single box and where that box goes without having to dig in the box.  It also works if you have to store lots of things in a storage building or shed. I may write about that one of these days.

15.  I am great at seeing, planning and carrying out a project but terrible at upkeep.  I tend to be a visionary and get quickly bored with upkeep.  I love to create gardens but keeping the weeds pulled just gets put on the backburner till I have to hire it done.  I'm not lazy, it just doesn't keep my attention because I am always on to the next exciting project.  This is true in lots of things I do.

16.  I love to read!  I read a lot!  I get at least 100 emails a day filled with posts from other blogs.  I also follow other blogs from social media and read much from Pinterest and that doesn't even touch my home library and ebook library.  I also read a stack of magazines.  I am always reading something.  If I don't have something to read, I have been known to read the dictionary and encyclopedia or even Google things to read. I love to read.

There you have it!  16 random things about me that you may or may not want to know!

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, very interesting and fun to get to know you better.

Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

Stacey said...

Neat post! We actually have several things in common. ;)