My Perfect Christmas Movie Night

Essential ingredients for the perfect Christmas movie night
This has been an extremely busy holiday season for me this year.  I finally have all the house decorated, the shopping is finished, the packages are wrapped and under the tree.  My home is all ready for our family to roll in for our holiday celebrations. As the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season has jingled along, I have dreamed of the perfect Christmas movie night and now I finally have time for it and to help me out, Casper has blessed me with a checklist to make my movie night perfect.

My Perfect Christmas Movie Night:
  1. Comfy Bed: It is really important for my perfect Christmas movie night that I have really great quality fresh sheets along with a really comfortable mattress.    In fact when the sheets are fresh, I try my best to beat my dear hubby to bed because they feel oh so good! That comfy mattress makes all the difference for me too.
  2. Pile of Pillows:  In that perfectly made bed on that comfy mattress is also a pile of pillows.  My hubby loves to complain about all my pillows but I think he secretly enjoys them too because I catch him using them quite often.  When I watch TV I like to prop up against some pillows and I have a couple laying nearby just in case I want to lay down.
  3. Holiday PJ's:  For my perfect Christmas movie night I am definitely wearing comfy holiday PJ's. I love PJ's!  I live in PJ's (when I am at home that is).  During the holidays I love to wear my Christmas PJ's. 
  4. Yummy Goodness:  I love to have a yummy snack and drink when watching movies and this night is no different.  I think Christmas cookies and Hot Cocoa would be perfect for this movie night.
  5. A Stack of Decorating Magazines:  Being a mom and Gigi, I find it hard to do only one thing at a time.  I am quite good at multitasking.  While watching movies, I almost always have a stack of decorating magazines in my lap so that I can flip through them for new ideas.  Hopefully they will be really great magazines. Don't worry, I will thoroughly enjoy that movie too.
  6. Christmas In Connecticut:  I love the movie Christmas in Connecticut...the new one and the old one!  For my perfect movie night, I would get to see both.  What a fun time I would have watching these wonderfully fun movies.  I know they are a bit cheesy and predictable but that is part of why I love them and who doesn't dream of a snow covered Christmas?  Hopefully, I won't have to be satisfied with only the snow in my beautiful snow globe.
All the essentials for the perfect Christmas movie night
There you have it...all the essential ingredients necessary to make my Dreamed of Christmas movie night perfect.  I can't think of anything else to add except maybe some loved ones to enjoy the evening with.   

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