Jesus Really Is The Reason For The Season

As I have been decorating my home this year for the Christmas Season, I have spent much time praying, worshiping, and remembering why I go to such lengths to make my home sparkle and shine.  None of what I do to decorate makes one bit of difference in the kingdom except that it gives me a grid for what I know what a party in Heaven must be like and it does cause me to pause and remember that Jesus really is the reason for this season.

History tells us that December 25 is not truly when Jesus was born, it is just a date picked out on a calendar to honor the King of Kings because we don't truly know the exact date of His birthday.  I love honoring my King in any way that I can and even if it is just a day on the calendar, I love it.

I especially love the lights of Christmas because they remind me that He is the light of the World and that light shines in and through me.  I love the fun of giving and receiving gifts because it reminds me that He is the greatest gift to mankind.  I love the use of evergreens because He is an everlasting God who gives us everlasting life. I love the gathering of families and churches because that makes me and Him smile. I love the extra attention in giving to those less fortunate because that is dear to His heart.  I love the cooking of special foods and sweets because He is by far the sweetest and best that can be.  I could go on and on because I can always find Him in everything I see or do.  Isn't that what we should do everyday? 

I plan to spend even more energy, time, money, and attention to finding Him every day.  I want to be in the right place at the right time so that I can let His light shine bright.  I want to minister His love and light to that one.  You know, that one that sticks out with need or maybe that one who irritates you like sandpaper. That is the one who needs us to love them more.  Look around there is always that one.  That one who needs you, That one who needs the Jesus in you.  Pay special attention during this season of Jesus to find that one...I promise they are there and you might just see Jesus do something wonderful and amazing because He works like that you know.  He is a supernatural God not bound by time, physical laws, or even the boxes that we try to contain Him in.  Remember He is truly all powerful, all loving, and all amazing.  

As you decorate and celebrate this season remember it isn't about Santa, or even the Christmas spirit.  Instead of writing letters to Santa lets say prayers of faith to the one who can actually answer.  The one who waits for His sons to arise and take their place. The ones He died to give an inheritance to, an inheritance of Sonship.  His name is Jesus. Jesus really is the reason for the season.

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Great inspiring post about our Savior, Jesus, our sovereign God.

Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady