How To Create A Test Blog And Why Every Blogger Needs One

How to create a test blog and why every blogger needs one
Have you ever wanted to try a new design hack on your blog but then discovered that it required messing with the code?  Rather than let that scare you away from trying a new thing, you can try it with very low threat of ruining your current blog design by using a test blog.

Practicing and experimenting on your test blog gives you the opportunity to try new design elements and code hacks without the fear that you will destroy your blog.  On your test blog you can make sure everything works perfectly before trying it on your actual blog  It is easy to have a test blog on Blogger and it is free so why not?

Here is how you create an identical test blog on Blogger to practice and play on:

  1. From your Blogger blog list page, Click new Blog.  Name it and go through the steps of creating a new blog just as you did with your current one with the exception of designing it.  Don't worry about what the name is because it is only going to be a test blog that no one else sees...which reminds me...be sure to set the blog to private.  You don't want traffic going to this blog.
  2. Now open a new tab in your browser and go to you actual blog on this tab.  Go to your blogger dashboard and click on Template from the list on the left.
  3. Click on the gray Backup/Restore button on the upper right hand side of page. Then click the orange button that says download full template. This will cause your Blog template to download to your computer.  Be sure to rename it so that you can find it easily.  Don't worry you haven't done any harm to your blog...in fact you have downloaded a copy of your exact template which is a great idea to do anytime you make any changes to your design.
  4. Since we are backing things up let's back up the posts too...it would be a shame to have years of posts and lose them because of a blog meltdown.  Here is how you prevent that...From the same page you were on click on Settings located just underneath template in the list on the left side of the page.
  5. Scroll down in that list and click on other.  
  6. Click on export blog located at the center at the top of the page.  This will do no harm to your blog...it is still there just as it should be...this just downloads a backup copy to your computer.  Again, give it a name that you can find easily.  Both of these files are fairly large and they can be stored on your Google drive, a thumb drive, CD, or even on your computer.  It doesn't hurt to store it in a couple of places just in case.  
  7. Now click on the other tab in your browser and return to your test blog.  Click on Template again and then the gray backup/restore button located in the upper right corner.  Search for your blog template file and upload it.  Now you have an identical template on your test blog to your original blog.
  8. Click on Settings from the list on the left side of page.  Click on Other.  Now click on Blue Import Blog located at the top center of the page.  Search for your posts file and upload it.  
Voila!  You now have a test blog with posts and everything to play with and experiment on.

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