How I Flocked My New Christmas Tree

I decided to purchase a brand new LED Tree this year because my old one was about 15 years old and I had wrapped it in new Christmas lights 3 times over the years and it shed worse than any dog I know.  It was kind of sad to let it go (I haven't really, it is still in a box in my back garage) but It was time to move on.

I found a great after Black Friday deal on a 7 1/2 foot Chritmas tree with LED lights.  It was the very last Christmas tree of this type.  I added it to my cart with glee and headed to the front to check out.  It must have been meant to be because It fit into my back seat without 1 inch to spare and I mean not even 1/8 inch when I say that lol.  (I know those men watching me load it were amazed because I saw them shaking their heads and laughing as I worked to get it just right without squishing the big LED TV I had in that back seat too...take that guys! Lol.)

I arrived home and unloaded the tree in my garage...that is when I had a bit of self doubt.    What if this tree was too big?  What if it wasn't as pretty as my old tree?  Was I really ready to walk away from our old tree?  I finally worked up the nerve to put it together and it was perfect except it needed a little something...
It needed some snow because I was too cheap to pay to have it already on the tree.  Why pay that huge price when I can save so much money and do it myself?  I ordered some snow flocking online and it finally arrived!
I had my Martha Stewart Crystal Glitter ready to go too.  I like to use the best glitter when I can.
I set up drop cloths out on my patio.  It just happened to be a perfect sunny and calm day.  Perfect for flocking a Christmas tree.
I had read their instructions which were to use a spray bottle with a bit of Elmer's glue mixed in water to spray my tree down with.  I sprayed that tree in sections and sprayed until drops formed.  Then I did as the instructions told me and used a kitchen strainer to sprinkle snow on my tree.  I worked on small sections starting from the top and working down.  I did one side and then the other side.
It was starting to come along...I will confess though that at one point I ignored the instructions and threw that strainer away and began to use a large kitchen soup spoon to sprinkle that snow.  That strainer was getting more snow on me than necessary and I don't go for light and misty snow.  I want the heavy drifted snow that I so love.  It worked perfectly.
That tree was beginning to look more like I had imagined.  I also need to confess that I added more glue to my water than they instructed and I spritzed that snow after I sprinkled it too...also not instructed.  Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do and following instructions on art projects or recipes isn't one of my strong suits (everyone knows you always need more of the good stuff).  That is also why I added more Martha Stewart Glitter on top even though the flocking came with some mixed in...I like it to sparkle and it really does now!
Look how snowy my branches were now!
I was loving it...it had just the right amount of evergreen peeking out from sparkling snow!  I let that tree dry overnight and my dear hubby helped me move it inside so I could decorate it.  There is still a bit of snow that drifts off so I gave it a really good shaking to remove the loose parts.  Then I began to decorate and voila!  Now I have a beautiful flocked Christmas tree!
Stay tuned for my post where I show you how I decorate underneath my tree to give it the perfect finish.  Next year I will add some touches of even more snow using the flocking method I posted about before. 

Find out how I flocked my tree with beautiful little drifts of sparkling looking "snow"

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