Christmas Front Door Decorations

Everyone likes to have a cheery and beautiful front door at Christmas and I am no different.  I decided to add a new item to my pots this year.
 I started this project with some Rubbermaid bowls.  They came with lids that I threw away...I hate extra plastic lids laying around lol.  I will have to tell you the story about the day I got free of the plastic lids and random tupperware bowls that I had once...deep breath...oh the freedom!  I hated looking for matches and always coming up short.
 I purchased some cheap shatterproof Christmas balls that coordinated with my wreath and the greenery and balls that I have been hanging over my door.  Seriously you could use any old Christmas ornaments laying around or find them at Goodwill or a garage sale even.
 I began to hot glue balls to the bowls starting at the rims...why is it that I always stick my fingers in that hot glue?  I know it is hot but I do it anyway and then I have fingers with no fingerprints...that makes it a bit hard to lock our safe or my phone with my fingerprint you know.
I continued gluing balls until the bowls were completely covered with a stack of Christmas balls
 I then took the bowls and they sat on my pots perfectly.  They just needed a bit of greenery.
So, I added a pretty Christmas greenery wreath over each stack of balls.  I think it turned out really pretty.
What do you think?
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