Never Fail Never Dry Turkey

Do you dread cooking for Thanksgiving because of the dreaded dry turkey syndrome?  Are you looking for a way to cook a delicious juicy turkey that is safe from exploding oil?  Would you love a tasty turkey that you didn't have to baste even one time?  would you like to bake a turkey that tastes wonderful and turns out every time without fail?  I have an answer for you then.

I have been making turkey that my family raves about, in the oven, for 33 years and I have not had even one  turn out wrong.  Better yet it was easy every single time which left me time and energy along with oven space to cook lots of other goodies to go along with that turkey.  You can do it too and just say no to the basting, the frying, and the worrying.  This is a recipe for an unstuffed turkey.  I am sure you could try it with the stuffing but as of yet, I have not.

  • Turkey
  • Reynolds Turkey Bags
  • 1 T Flour
  • 1 1/2 C Apple Juice
  • Adams Beef Fajita Seasoning
I know, the apple juice has you a bit freaked out but it is OK.  I promise your turkey will not taste like apple juice.  In fact it will taste like the delicious juicy turkey you have dreamed of.  I have a family that takes their meat seriously and it just wouldn't do if their meat tasted like fruit (believe me on this one!)  My husband calls fruit "girls food".  

Anyway, back to our recipe.  

  1. Thaw that turkey out in the refrigerator.  This usually takes a couple of days.  On the morning that I plan to cook the turkey, I will wash the turkey inside and out with hot water if it is still a bit frozen.  It is important for cooking times that the turkey be completely thawed out.
  2. Remove all the giblet turkey parts from inside the turkey before cooking!  You don't want to be that hostess that is featured on funniest home videos for forgetting that part.  I set this part aside to be used for  my dressing and gravy.
  3. Fill your hand with some Adams Beef Fajita Seasoning and rub all the inside and outside of the turkey with this.  
  4. Open the Reynolds Turkey bag and put  flour inside  Close the bag and shake it till the bag is coated with flour, this helps to keep the bag from bursting.  
  5. Place the turkey inside the turkey bag in a baking pan. The turkey bag box instructs that a pan with 2 inch sides is required but I have used a large cookie sheet with success.  I just make sure my bag is not hanging off in any place or likely to hang off and touch the oven racks.
  6. Use a sharp knife to poke a few holes in the top of the bag.  Make sure you Do Not poke holes on the sides or bottom.  This prevents the bag filling up with hot air and exploding.
  7. Add the apple juice to the bottom of the bag (no need to baste the turkey with this.)  Close the bag with the zip tie that comes with the turkey bag.  Set your oven on 350° then bake your turkey.  
  8. Your turkey will take anywhere from 2 to 3 1/2 hours to cook depending on the size of your turkey. You can purchase a turkey with a pop up indicator to tell you when it is done and if yours is like this then bake till it pops up.  If you have no indicator then check out the chart below:
Whole Unstuffed Turkey Cooking Times: 

12 - 16 lb      2 to 2 1/2 hr
16 - 20 lb      2 1/2 to 3 hr
20 - 24 lb      3 to 3 1/2 hr

When the turkey comes out of the oven, I like to let it rest a few minutes (at least 30 minutes) and then I remove it from the bag and drain the apple juice off.  33 years and we have yet to have it fail.

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Poppy said...

Hi Debra, I believe you! Apple juice can only do good, right? You sound like a very confident turkey expert, and your recipe and directions are easy to follow. Thanks for sharing all your fabulous tips!