Lakehouse Bedroom 2 Reveal

I finally got around to taking a few after photos of my 2nd Lakehouse bedroom remodel.  I know when you see the mess in the before pictures you will be shocked, but remember the house was used by young guys with their friends as a party shack and then it sat unused for 5 years.  What I want you to see in the pics is the rough unfinished and tiny space.
I wish I had thought to get some pictures after the furniture was removed and the room was empty but because of the lack of light (no window) and the electricity being off at that time, it just didn't happen.  When I finally had electricity, I was so excited to get started on this room that I completely forgot to get pictures.  
My family and friends thought we had lost our minds when we took them on a tour of the home before the stuff was removed.  They just couldn't see past the mess.  Isn't that like a lot of prospective homeowners when they shop for a home?  I, however, can always see the possibilities.  That is the reason why I need my husbands consent (my choice) before I buy a home.  Usually, I send him to look for what he thinks will work and then I look.  Lol.  I know that is probably backwards from how most people do it, but it works for us.  Anyway, back to my remodel...the room was a bit rough with particle board as walls although they had added trim moulding.  There was carpet, and an old ceiling fan with no light.  They had used a set of bunkbeds and a twin which crowded the tiny 10 x 10 room. 
I steam cleaned the carpets and textured the walls with a nice spanish drag style.  Then I painted the room and changed the ceiling fan.   I decided to go with a queen size bed, 2 tiny nightstands, and a wicker trunk that my daughter had given me for my birthday.
The headboard in this picture is actually the footboard to the bed in the first bedroom.  The color of the footboard in this picture is the original color.  For the first bedroom headboard, I darkened it with a graphite glaze that gave it a perfect color when finished.  We hung it on the wall to make it high enough to be a headboard.  We plan to move the air conditioner to the corner which will allow it to blow cool air out into the hallway too.  We plan to put a window above the headboard where the air conditioner is.  It will give us a beautiful view of the cove that wraps around our cabin on the East side.
I haven't settled on final artwork for this room yet which is why I have delayed showing it to you for so long.  I think the pictures I have up now are a bit small for the space so I am on the hunt still for some larger pieces.  I may decide to pick up my paint brushes again and paint something myself.
This is the vintage wicker trunk that my daughter gave me for my birthday last year.  It is very heavy and it is great for holding extra bedding and pillows.  When we make the final additions and changes to our bedrooms, I will keep you updated.  Sometimes it is fun to see the changes as they are happening rather than waiting for the final result.  For me, remodeling is a process.  I have an overall picture in my head of how I want it to be but sometimes the road is not straight.  Sometimes it gives us a curve or an obstacle that we were not expecting but that is OK because overcoming things like that is part of the fun for me.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Lakehouse Remodel in future posts.

If you want to see more of our Lakehouse Remodel that we have already done, you can check here.

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Dee Ann Mullins said...

Looks great! Your family is going to enjoy this little getaway so much!!!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You've done a wonderful job! I love how this room turned out.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady