Lakehouse Bedroom 1 Reveal

lakehouse bedroom 1 reveal...see the amazing difference from yellow bright to serene

Time marches onward and life is busy as usual...oh how I long for it to slow down and allow me to enjoy it even more.  We have accomplished a bit more in our lakehouse and so I thought I would share a bit more of that accomplishment.  This is how the 1st bedroom looked when we bought the lakehouse.  Understand that the house had been unused for 5 years when we visited that day and the owners young sons had been the last to use it...hence the items laying around...lol...boys will be boys.

The ceiling and ceiling fan were ok and they worked but I felt we could do even better.
Believe it or not it was the previous owner's sheets that gave me the idea for the future color in the room.  I chose a color at Lowes by Sherwin Williams called Watery for our bedroom.  The yellow and white stripes were happy and reminded me of Beverly Hills Perfume but I wanted a look that would be more cooling and soothing to help act as a sort of balm to our souls when we came in...a place of respite from our crazy busy lives.
I had my work cut out for me on this room but there were definitely good bones that I could make use of.  The carpet cleaned up nicely, the trims and moulding were great with a little bit of shoe moulding added to the baseboards after I finished painting.  The photo below is how the room is at the moment.
  This is the bedroom that we sleep in.  Both bedrooms are the exact same size.  This one just happens to be the first one off the hallway after entering the front door and it is the closest to the bathroom across the hallway.  It also has a window to allow light in the room.  All these things add up to make this the room I prefer at the moment.
It took me a bit of time to find just the right bedding and just the right furniture for the room.  The tiny space needed to be maximized as much as possible.  I noticed from the moment we stepped into the lakehouse that mice, spiders, centipedes, scorpions, and even more nasties liked to come calling and that is just not going to work for me so I have used tons of caulk, backer rod, sealers, and cement floor repair to eliminate the openings where these critters like to enter.  As I work on each part of the lakehouse, I have noticed less and less of the nasties so my plan is working.  I have caulked along every seam, crack and crevice in this room.  
 I have also added texture to the walls and the ceiling which filled even more gaps and crevices.  It also covered the texture of the pressed wood walls with a texture I liked better.  The roughness of the wood meant I had to have a heavier looking texture but that was ok because I like Spanish Drag texture anyway and so that is just what I have now.
I didn't add too many decorative items on my hubbies side because he is you know...a man...and you know how that can be at times...best not to push them too much...lol.  This allows him space to add whatever contraptions he decides to plug in on his nightstand...lol.
 Alas, I am stuck with the window unit  air conditioners but we are going to move this one.  It's final spot will probably be right above the lamp on my nightstand so that it is in the corner but blowing air out towards the hallway as well as the room.  We also plan to remove this window and make a window above the headboard that will give us a view of the lake cove rather than the yard light shining into our faces at night.  This will also prepare our little lakehouse for our planned addition.
This little wicker dresser was purchased on our local Facebook Trading Post.  I then refreshed it with a nice thick coat of white paint.  The beautiful seascape was found at Goodwill...one of my favorite places to find treasures.  I had originally planned a small chair in the corner but decided that the space is just too tiny for a chair.  Tiny as it is, I love how it turned out.  It definitely soothes my soul and causes me to instantly relax and that is the whole point.

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Debby Ray said...

Hi Debbie! Wow...what a lovely transformation! I love these colors. So soothing and relaxing. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a blessed week!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You created a lovely, peaceful space. I love the colors.


Stacey said...

The room looks great! The paint color and the bedding just couldn't be more perfect for a lake house. Consider that window unit a blessing. :)

Shirley Hull said...

Debbie ,you did a great job on all the lake house! It looks great! Would you tell me where you got the shell pictures that has black frames . I really do like them.I am redoing a bathroom and they would look good in it.

Valerie Cottage Making Mommy said...

Oh my I love the transformation. So excited to see your lake house projects.

Hugs from Oklahoma,

Cottage Making Mommy

June said...

Debra, this is beautiful! The color on the walls is so, so pretty. You must have worked so hard, but it is so worth it! The bedding is awesome.
Love this whole room!
sending hugs...