An Open Letter To Christians Everywhere

Open Letter to Christians everywhere, Thanksgiving decorations
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ
I am writing this letter because I caught myself falling into the darkness of the world.  I was not feeling peace, love, or joy (it was quite the opposite actually) until I began to ask myself some questions and answer them truthfully.   I thought some of these might be interesting and or helpful to you as well.  

Why is it, that we celebrate samhain? (otherwise known as halloween?  Isn't this is a dark pagan celebration?  (Google it).  Why do we think it is OK to mix the holy with the profane in the name of "candy or tract ministry"? Does this kind of ministry really bring people to the love of Jesus?  When a tree springs up will it produce any fruit not of it's own kind? Are there other celebrations with mixture that we need to examine?

Why is it, that we go through a huge celebration of halloween (I refuse to capitalize this evil celebration) and then skip right to Christmas?  What happened to Thanksgiving?  When we do celebrate Thanksgiving, are we truly grateful or is it just about the turkey, the eats, the football, and the pre-black Friday sales?

Why is it, that we get so upset about the term Happy Holidays (which actually originally meant Holy Days.  Can't we see that only we can take Christ from our own Christmas?  Is the intent of our heart really about showing the love of Jesus when we spitefully say "Merry Christmas" to someone just trying to make a living?  Why does it make us so angry that the sales people aren't saying "Merry Christmas?  Did we forget that we can say it any time we like as long as the intent in our hearts is right.  Aren't we, the light bearers to the world, the ones who need to say it lovingly anyway?

Why is it that we are so surprised that the world is evil and dark?  Haven't we been reading the scripture about this?  Haven't we heard Father God tell us this? Why do we expect the world of people without the benefit of the Holy Spirit to act in love? Did we forget that this is why we are here?  Are we not called to bring love and light to the dark world because we do have the Holy Spirit in us?

Why is it, that we get angry, rant on Facebook, argue and protest when we see evil laws and rules being made?  Are we not called to share the love of Christ with people who are caught by the evil world?  Why do we expect unsaved people to make Godly laws?  If we brought those  lawmakers into the Kingdom of God wouldn't things change?

Did we forget that the people of the world are not our enemies but our enemies are the spirits that have a hold on those people?  How does it change anything for those people if we empower those enemy spirits with our anger, judgement or hatred?  Wouldn't it be more effective to empower God with our acts of faith, love, and hope towards those people?  If those people came into the Kingdom wouldn't things change?  What are we doing to help bring them into the Kingdom?  Are we loving them in?

Why is it that we get upset and protest the removal of prayer from public events as if any law or rule or policy can actually prevent us from praying?  Are we invoking our right to pray by actually doing it in the secret place?  Why is it so important to lose the microphone for this?  Does God hear us any better from the microphone?  Is it more important that our prayers be heard by others who can not answer them or by God who can?

Why are we so angry about statues, documents, and pictures of the 10 Commandments being removed from courthouses?  Did we forget that God writes his law on our hearts?  Isn't that where it truly matters?  Does the removal of a cross take away the power of the cross at Calvary? Do those statues, documents, or pictures actually win believers to the Kingdom or is it us ministering to them that wins them?

Why do we hate the business owners (Starbucks, Target, etc) or customers (gay, Muslims, pagan,or any other) that hate us?  Is that how we win souls for Christ? Can we not still stand on our beliefs without having to pound others with them?  When did we become a church of protesters instead of a church of prayer warriors?  Why do we entreat the courts of the world rather than the courts of God? Do we really believe in the power of God to save?  If we do then why are we hating on those business owners or customers rather than looking at them as someone to be loved into the kingdom?  Why do we feel the need to state any reason why we are doing something or not doing something such as making a wedding cake?  Does that share the love of God?  Wouldn't the lives of some customers be changed if they were truly loved better by Christian's than anyone else?

Why do we believe the reports of the news, the Internet, and the world rather than the Good News of God?  Why do we let the facts drag us down when God tells us to believe the Truth instead.  Why not demand those facts to bow to the Truth? Why not stand in faith until we see that happen if we really believe the Good News?

I understand that rights, politics and patriotism are the why behind some of these things but when did the scripture or God Himself tell us that our rights, politics and patriotism are more important than His ways?  I'm not suggesting that we neglect these things at all but I am saying that we can not become confused and depend on these things.  These things will come and go throughout history but the victory and inheritance that we receive from Christ will always stand.  If we truly believe that, then shouldn't our dependence be placed on Him and shouldn't our actions reflect Him?

If God is truly bigger than anything and He lives in our hearts, then wouldn't He show through us?

I must confess that these questions hit me hard.  I had to repent  and change my thinking because it was definitely off.  It is amazing how all those feelings of anger, frustration, and just general grrrrrrrrrrr began to change into peace, love and joy as my thinking changed.  It is all about perspective.  We can be overcomers looking down at the devil from a Heavenly perspective of "this is won" or we can be victims with the devil's foot on our necks pushing us down.  We get to choose which just by what we think.

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Dee Ann Mullins said...

Wow! So much to think about! I totally agree. My greatest struggle is, "What am I doing to further His Kingdom?" How can we further His Kingdom if we are judging and condemning the things of this world? Thank you for these thoughts!

Debra Howard said...

Thank you Dee Ann, they are kind of heavy and I guess that is why they were weighing on me so very much...I feel so much better now that I have just let it go and started just focusing on Him instead. I have also discovered that by just hanging out with Him more has opened the way for me to minister to others and the right things come out of my mouth instead of the grrrrrrrrrr that was coming out before. I bet you impact the Kingdom far more than you ever realize. It was a privilege to have you teach my children and you definitely made a difference in their lives and mine. You are a blessing.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This was GREAT and oh so true, all of it.

God's continued blessings on you ~ FlowerLady

HappyWifeAndMother said...

Good for you. Amen. But "why" is because His church is weak. There is a famine in the land, a famine of His Word, preaching, teaching and therefore understanding, knowledge. A famine of conversion too. How many aren't saved in the pews. They believe but they aren't saved. Pitifully sometimes because no one has asked them and they don't know any better. We need Christ preached from His Word not our own programs and agendas. Like I said, good for you. Thank you for your boldness. Keep on good and faithful servant, Diane

Debra Howard said...

Thank you, I was nervous and actually lost a few followers after this post but I am determined to not let that sway me