Galveston Fun On The Pier

You can't miss the pier...it is located right in the center of the activity of Seawall Boulevard on the shore at Galveston, Texas.
It was beautiful  to behold gleaming in the setting sun
It was even beautiful in the bright light of day
It really came alive at night time when all the lights were lit up and the pier was filled with activity.
It is named Pleasure Pier and it is filled with rides, food, and fun.  It was remarkably well kept.  I did not see one scrap of trash anywhere and the employees were quick to clean up anything that might be dropped or spilled.
We arrived just after opening so we got the pleasure of seeing it before it was completely crowded with people...notice that shiny floor area.

Bright lights were everywhere and brightly painted rides and buildings waited to bring smiles to everyone who came.
It surprised me how many memories came flooding back as I watched the merry go round.
 Childhood memories of bright lights, music, and rides that thrilled my soul 
 Memories of how much fun it was to run through the animals looking for the perfect one to ride...which one will it be?
 Horses of every color and description along with porpoises, lions and so many other animals to choose from.  All of them such a delight to little ones.
Then it was time for the ride that would end all too soon!
A carnival could not be complete without all the game booths to try your skill. 
 Or those swings...by the way...don't stand under those flying people...never know who might get queasy...lol...not that it was a problem this evening...I have just heard so many stories...lol.
Queasy stomach kind of ride or not it certainly is beautiful to see...it is actually a beautiful work of art with all the gorgeous decorative painting.  I wonder who the unsung artist is?
The lights draw us onward down the pier
People are starting to appear
The pier is beginning to fill with the sound of  laughter along with the music
Soon these rides would have children and adults enjoying their ride.
Another beautiful ride with beautiful art...who do you suppose did this?  Do they get any notice?
What imagination came up with the ideas of the rides even...such gorgeous colors and light displays
In fact, the lights all through the pier could be considered art...everywhere I looked it was beautiful.
All of a sudden I caught sight of the most beautiful display of art yet to be seen this night...
It was the one that God painted...the original great artist who never fails to thrill my spirit, my soul and even my heart!
We settled into one of the comfy rocking chairs so thoughtfully located in a cluster on the pier to enjoy the big rides.  From here you could relax and look up to the rides in the sky.
You could enjoy the changing light show on the Ferris wheel and listen to the squeals of delight
You could watch the roller coaster do loopy loops and hear the screams and squeals as it rolled past.
Yep, whoever thought to put those rocking chairs on this spot would be considered a genius in my books.  We enjoyed the spot for quite a little time before we decided to go on our way to the next adventure in the beautiful city of Galveston.
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