The New Things of Spring

The new things this spring
With the Spring has come many new things this year.  I would like to introduce you to Barrett Michael.  He weighed in at 9 lbs and 5 ounces.  Isn't he just beautiful!  (Notice I'm not asking, hehehe) He arrived finally about 2 weeks ago and we have been so pleased with his appearance. He and his mama are doing really well.

The new things of spring
I know it has been a while since I have posted and I do apologize for that but sometimes these things happen.  It has been a super busy and emotional time for me and that has caused my words to fail me to some degree.  I just have not had words because there have been so very many I guess.  Those words are both happy and sad.  There have been so many things happening in our lives that would be considered mountain top experiences and valley experiences.  Baby Barrett is, of course, a top of the mountain thing for us.

The new things of spring 1

With the birth of Baby Barrett, I received news of another of my dearest friends who is in a very serious battle with Cancer.  Sadly, it was not caught until the late stages and so she is going through some very painful and upsetting things right now.  We are hopeful despite the way it looks because we know that ultimately it is in God's hand and the outcome will be healing one way or another.  She is happy with any way he chooses to do that.

It has been emotional for me because I am one of those people who wants to take care of everyone and so even as I was with my daughter and new grandson, I was feeling very torn because of my friend's situation.  I will be flying to her very soon to go for a visit and to help her in this time of need.  I look forward to seeing her dear face again and sharing our hearts and stories of our days apart again.

The new things of spring 2

Of course, I am still caring for Baby Zerah a couple of times every week.  She is another place of huge joy for us.  She is such a happy joyful little bundle of energy.  So many times it is hard to discipline her because she is so very cute and happy.  My children were quite shocked when they saw the picture below on Instagram.  I titled it: What happens at Gigi's house stays at Gigi's house.

The new things of spring 3

I mean, how can you possibly get angry at that sweetness?  It further complicates things because she has such a sweet joyful nature.  Some days we have to just hide our smiles and put on our firm face and insist on time out remembering it is for her sake that we do it.

The new things of spring 4

And then there is my son, our hearts are filled with a huge gamut of emotions as we prepare today to send him off to the Navy in the morning.  We are so excited for him and proud of him and afraid and sad and so much more.  I don't quite know what all the emotions truly are.  It will be so very hard to not be able to have him with us on holidays and family gatherings, and so many other times.  At the same time, we are looking forward to visiting him in the places around the world where he will be stationed.  He has been staying with us for several months and that has been a whole other story too but one that I am so glad to have.

The new things of spring 5

I hope that all of you will continue to be patient with me as I navigate this place in life that I seem to be and that you will understand when those times where words fail me happen.  I promise I will not abandon you and I will not stay wordless forever.  I promise to put them here as soon as they make themselves known.
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RKH said...

Wow, Debbie. So thankful for your sharing. Beautiful babies -- both! And, yes, it IS hard for grandmas (and grandpas) to discipline those joyously cute grandkids. Prayers going out to your son for a safe military journey. My heart goes out to you and your friend. Good friends who are not within let's-grab-a-cup-of-coffee-and-chat distance who are stricken with such illnesses make for heartbreak and yearning unfathomable to be with them. I have a friend in Michigan who is going through her own maladies -- losing her eyesight to diabetes -- and, oh, how I wish I could just stop by her home and hold her. Living in California and having a small budget doesn't offer much room to travel though. So I keep her in my prayers and look forward to the day I can go visit her -- hopefully soon!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful, new baby you have to enjoy!

Kat Peters said...

I remember coming home to visit and Patrick bringing me into Moms kitchen. He showed me the sugar cereal in the pantry (we were NEVER allowed to have sugar cereal!) and told me that "quiet time" for the grandkids was now optional! My oh my how mom and dad mellowed when those grandbabies arrived! I love reading your blog!

Stacey said...

All wonderful things, Debbie. I know you are enjoying this time. :)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely post about family! Congrats on the newest member!

Have been wondering about you and hope you are doing well.

Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a lovely post about family! Congrats on your newest, sweet member. Wishing your son a good experience in the Navy. My husband did 4 years in the Navy, during the Viet Nam war and we lived in Spain.

I've been wondering how you are doing and hope things are going well for you.

Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady