Life Moves On To Spring

It was only a few days ago that we were having snow storms and cold weather and now we are headed into Spring quickly.  The trees are blooming, the sun is shining, and the temperatures are rising.
I have been trying hard to not let spring fever get a hold on me this year.  I wouldn't usually fight it but with our drought and being unable to water anything outdoors it just isn't a good time to go nuts planting anything.  People are shocked to find out that I have done virtually nothing out in my garden.  I have been hiring some helpers to come do my usual spring garden work this year partially due to lack of energy and time on my part but mostly because it just wouldn't do for me to get the fever this year.  Miss Z has been having a great time playing in the dirt this year.  I won't be a bit surprised if she takes after her Gigi and becomes an avid gardener.
I have been taking care of Baby Z a couple times each week and that is where some of my time has been going.  She lives about 45 minutes away so it is a bit of a drive for me but it is definitely worth it.  She has put the sparkle in my eye lately.  She has become quite the active little toddler.
She definitely keeps everyone around her on their toes.  She can actually out run me on the short start but eventually I do catch up to her.  She absolutely loves to be chased and so if we don't catch on that she is ready for a game of chase she will do something naughty like grab our phone or something and run so we will chase her down for it...(shaking my head)...it took me a bit to figure out what she was up to...now I am ready and willing to chase her down and catch the little ball of girly giggles without the stolen phone...lol.
Her mama learned the hard way not to turn her head too long...she posted this photo with the caption, "I blinked!"  I think she is quite the artist (takes after her Gigi on this too!) and I told her mama that at least she didn't mark the couch or her clothes...Lol.
Photo Courtesy of Living Tree Designs
We will be only a few days more before we have her little cousin, Barrett Michael here with us.
 The whole family is quite excited to welcome a new baby boy.  We have been busy having baby showers and decorating the nursery.  He is due the 1st of April...hopefully he doesn't try to fool us.

We were surprised a few weeks ago when our son moved home and announced that he had joined the U.S. Navy.  He has signed the dotted line and even said his oath.  We are so very proud of him and excited for him while at the same time being a little sad because we will miss having him home and we feel a little scared because we know it isn't safe out there in the big wide world sometimes.  He ships out for boot camp April 15th.  Thankfully he will get to see the new baby before leaving.  We will miss him greatly and so will his little buddy Baby Z.
Winter to Spring, sadness to happiness, it seems that life has a way of moving on whether you are ready or not.  I'm kind of glad about that in this case.  I never expected to enjoy grandchildren quite so much as we do.  It has been one of life's big surprises and now I have broken my word and become one of those grandparents with a phone full of photos ready to show anyone who cares to see. lol.
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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a happy post for spring. Your little grand-daughter is a sweetie pie.

Congrats on the upcoming birth of your grandson.

Congrats also to your son. My DH joined the Navy and signed in on my birthday in 1969. After school in TN and CA, he was sent to Spain where we lived his whole tour of duty.

Love, hugs and happy spring ~ FlowerLady

Poppy said...

Debra, how blessed you are to have such a loving family! Your granddaughter is adorable; what energy! Congrats to your son for doing what he believes in!

As with every season, change is upon us, and may we accept it with open arms.

Happy first day of spring!