How To Fix No Reply When Using Google+ Comments

How To Fix No Reply on Blogger Google+ Comments
I  have been blogging for many years and I do want my blog to grow and be successful.  One of the ways I can help gauge that success is by comments.  I love comments!  Don't we all?  I also love visiting other blogs and leaving comments.  There are so many friends to be made out there in blogland and commenting on their blogs is a great way to begin to make those friends.  There is one big problem though, and it has grown because of the Google+ comment system.

Many bloggers who switch to this system unknowingly become "No Reply" Bloggers to those who did not switch.  I like Google+ and I like the comment system with the exception of this problem.  There is help though!  There is a tutorial that teaches all you Google+ comment system users how to fix the problem.  I would love to say that I wrote one but it is by  someone else who is an awesome blogger and I figure there is no reason to remake the wheel.  I know it isn't good business to send people to other people's blogs (or at least that is what all the big bloggers teach) but I do things a little different around here so guess what?  I am going to send you to her blog and I hope you love it as much as I do...anyway, you can find the instructions for How To Fix No Reply When Using Google+ Comments over at Robin's Fluster Buster.  Enjoy!
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chateau chic said...

Receiving comments from others is a wonderful way to keep in touch and get a lot of good feedback.
Mary Alice

Debra Howard said...

The frustrating part about using Google comments is that it continues to revert you back to a No Reply Blogger and because of that I finally decided to go back to my Blogger profile. Hopefully Google will fix the problem.