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Updates: Get my Rainbow Closet Organization System Free

As you can probably see, I have been busy in the background on Texasdaisey Creations making changes and updates.  I hope you will be patient with me especially since I have slowed down my posts a bit till I get some of these new things up and going.

I have been busy working on the Texasdaisey Rain Newsletter that will be coming out soon.  It will be quarterly at first.  Texasdaisey Rain is for those of you who want bonus posts to refresh the soul and even more.

  In order to give my newletter a great kickoff this year.  I wrote The Rainbow Closet Organization System.  It is a PDF Booklet that teaches you how to organize your closet the rainbow way.  This system of organization will help you see more possibilities for your wardrobe, help you see what you need to shop for, and help you stop buying so much of just one color.  It will also help you organize your closet so that you always have plenty to wear and everything in that closet is ready to wear.  You can get this PDF booklet free simply by signing up for the Texasdaisey Rain Newsletter.

Don't worry if you have already signed up for the newsletter because you will get a link to the freebie in the first issue set to be released this next week.  Be looking for it in your inbox!

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If you are looking for something different to cook you can try My Recipe For Bierox

Here is some music I have been listening to lately on my Ipod  The Cageless Birds

If you are looking for a free romantic font for your valentines you can try Magic Kiss or Heart Attack

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