Spring Cleaning The Easy Way

Learn How To Do Spring Cleaning The Easy Way

Did you know that Spring cleaning began back in the days when everyone used fireplaces or coal stoves for heat and so by the time Spring came everyone was very ready to open the windows and doors and dust, beat, or scrub the smoke and soot out of everything.  What a job that must have been and oh how nice it must have been to breathe fresh air again!

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With the nice heating options we have today, Spring cleaning doesn't have to be such a massive chore for most of us.  If breathing coal dust or smoke isn't a problem in your home then you can do it the easy way.

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I have been doing a bit of Spring cleaning lately and the entire job is really overwhelming.  I always feel better when I can get my closets, drawers, and cabinets back in order after Christmas but I have a lot of storage in this house with many cabinets, drawers, and several closets and garages to clean.  They get into a real mess during the holidays when I am hiding gifts, and putting some of my things away in order to decorate for the holidays.

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I have learned that doing big jobs all at once isn't always the best way for my schedule or my attention span.  I usually don't have time to devote all day to my spring cleaning tasks so I just try to break it up into smaller ones.  This makes it seem like just another little chore that I have added to my day rather than the huge chore it would be if done all at once.  You can check my post about how to organize your home in 30 minutes.  Today, I cleaned out and reorganized my jewelry box.  I was nice and even gave my husband the top drawer for his jewelry and trinkets (maybe he will stop leaving stuff on the top...wink...wink).

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I will continue doing little sorting/cleaning and organizing jobs until the entire house is back into order.  I have decided that because I seem to forget where I put things I am going to use the Emilie Barnes organizing system from "More Hours In My Day" (you really must purchase this book...not a paid ad...just an amazing book).  I will make an index card for each cabinet, drawer, storage tote, closet, etc. with a list of everything placed in that space.  I will give every space a unique name on the index card and place the index card into a card file.  I will work on it as I clean each space.  This will make it easy for me to find things.  I will be able to go to my card file and find where the item is listed and therefore find exactly where the item is.  I'm thinking of making my own variation and adding a duplicate index card of the list on the inside cover or door of each space.  That way I can see quickly what is stored there.  I may even take the extra time to make the cards beautiful.

In my sorting, cleaning and organizing work I have found many items that I am ready to let go of and so I have been listing some of my no longer wanted items for sale on my facebook group trading post.  It is so nice to have a place to sell my items and not have to have a traditional garage sale.  My customers come to my front door with cash in hand and pick up their purchased items or I can meet them in a public spot to make the trade.

Some of my extra items will be taken to our Lakehouse and many other items will be donated to worthy causes or given to people who will enjoy them. Hopefully soon, I can finish the Spring cleaning and get back to working on that Lakehouse.  Summer will be here before we know it!

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Stacey said...

Great ideas. :)

I've started cleaning too in the last week or so. Aren't we lucky to live where it isn't a foot of snow outside the door? Feels like Spring is just around the corner with the sunshine.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I've also been doing some cleaning and decluttering and it feels good. A little each day makes a difference.

How is the lake house coming along? Looking forward to seeing more pictures, hint, hint! :-)

Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

TexWisGirl said...

i'd do well to just do some 'regular' cleaning. :)

Debra Howard said...

I know what you mean...sometimes life can get busy

D. Jameson said...

I love "easy" guides. Thanks for sharing yours and helping me with my cleaning <3