Rustic Farmhouse

Rustic Farmhouse

I have been playing around on polyvore again and here is a cozy rustic farmhouse style room that was inspired by the beautiful vintage wool rug.  This is the kind of room you can snuggle down by the fire with a book. Below you can find a shopping list for each of the beautiful vintage style items in my design.
Rustic Farmhouse by texasdaisey featuring rustic home decor
Many of the pieces including the rug came from Chairish.com

French country table lamp

Wool rug


Bliss Studio chicken home decor

Vintage home decor

Rustic home decor

Eichholtz accent table
$1,690 - sweetpeaandwillow.com

1920s Illustrative Leather Books - Set of 3 | Chairish

I did not receive compensation for this post from any of the companies listed.

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June said...

I'm not sure what Polyvore is, but the details in the photo would make for a very cozy and beautiful room Debra!
Thank you for coming by and leaving your sweet comment. I always love to see you have been by.

Debra Howard said...

I am so sorry June! I just assumed everyone knew and I should have put a link so they could check if they didn't. Fixing that right now. Polyvore is a really fun place actually, You can clip pictures, items from websites and online catalogs and make a grouping like I did on my post. It will give links, cost, and more info on each item used. Most use it to make outfits from articles of clothing but it is useful for any group of items such as for a garden, a room, etc. It is free and it is located at polyvore.com