It Snowed!

It finally snowed here and now let Spring Commence.

It finally snowed here with me here too!  I know it isn't much but it is mine! I know most of you out there have had more than your fair share of snow and you are probably wondering why I would be so excited to get snow.  It is just that this year the only sign of snow we had was when we left town.  After months of praying for snow and especially a white Christmas then it felt like a betrayal when the snow came after Christmas day when we left town to see family.  By the time I got home it was sunshine again.  Despite the terrible icy roads I had to drive on, and the cold temperatures that mean I have to break ice for my animals to get drinking water, and despite all the rest of the things that come with the snow...I am doing a bit of a happy dance.  (Big deep breath and serious face).  Now that I got my Winter,  let Spring commence before people attempt to kill that poor groundhog!
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Poppy said...

So happy for you, Debra! I know how that first snowfall can be a most precious gift, a rejuvenation in winter, and a reminder of childhood excitement. Enjoy it!