The Little Things

Enjoy the little things in life for someday you may realize they were the big things

The Holidays are over now and I am back home again from my little trip.  I always enjoy getting to visit my family and my friends.  I also enjoy when I get back home.  Since I left for my trip on Christmas Day, I still have all my Christmas decorations to put away.

 I set to work the next day after my arrival home getting the mammoth job of taking down our Christmas decorations.  I was somewhere in the middle of all that when I received an urgent message asking if I could keep my granddaughter on an unscheduled day and keep her overnight because of illness in the family.

I feel personally like I have tons of things pulling for my attention.  The house is a mess, the Christmas needing put away, my blog, time with my hubby, time with my children, my parents, my friends, the lakehouse remodel,  finances, tax time again, and so on.  It would be easy to feel like I was drowning in so much that needs my attention.  I have determined though that I will do what I can and focus on the important parts. as much as possible.

Enjoy the little things in life for someday you may realize they were the big things 1

Sometimes those important parts aren't the big things that pull at us...sometimes they are the little things.  Little things like time with our loved ones, caring for them, helping them, being there for them.  It isn't easy walking around all the glittery mess and piles of Christmas lights right now in our home but the joy on the face of my granddaughter as we played and watched Curious George is worth way more in my books.

I could have had all my decorations put away by now if I had come home earlier and not spent so much time with our family, but helping my parents in a time of need and having that time to just be with them was worth so much more to me than getting things done in my life at home.

The same goes with the time spent with my friend.  I could have skipped that part of the trip and headed home to get the decorations put away, and work on other projects I have going at home but honestly, seeing my dear friend was worth far more to me.

Some days, I start working on the projects at home and then the phone rings...interrupted again...but someone needed to talk...no regrets.  When my life ends, I hope I am remembered as someone who chose relationship with others over getting the job done.  I do love getting the job done, but I have come to realize, especially after losing so many dear ones, that in the end when our loved ones are gone, it isn't the job getting done that we remember, it is the little things that we did with that person...the smiles, the hugs, the conversations, the being together.  Those are the important parts and I don't want to miss them.

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