Romantic Notions

My Romantic Notions 1
I have packed away the Christmas (finally) and redecorated my home with a few items I scored from my big cabinets in the dining room.  I keep a fair amount of items that I have collected for many years from estate sales, garage sales, gifts, and even items I have made in my large dining room cabinets.  When I change up my decorations it is like shopping only it is stuff I already own.  I really had planned to go with more blues and just a touch of pink but as you can see, my romantic notions have come out.

My Romantic Notions 2
 I have always loved pink but lately aqua has been making my heart sing.  I still love pink though and it is apparent when you step into my home presently.  I know it is a bit old fashioned to decorate with doilies but, I guess I am an old fashioned girl.  That is OK because I really still like to use them from time to time.  The doilies were crocheted by my Irish Great Grandmother.

My Romantic Notions 3
 I still like to use silk flowers in my home too.  I know the "Pottery Barn set" would maybe be horrified with the use of so many silk flowers but they just seem to add that bit of softness that my romantic notions cause me to desire.

My Romantic Notions 4
 I have a large collection of hand painted china that I have been collecting for many years.  This is one of many that was painted by a beloved friend who waits to see me again some day in Heaven.  I am reminded of her every time I use a piece that she so beautifully painted.

My Romantic Notions 5
 I pulled out other pieces that have been gifts from dear friends.  Gifts that bring back memories of fun times with those friends.

My Romantic Notions 6
 It just wouldn't be Spring time decor if I didn't add a birdhouse or bird cage or two.  I added both!

My Romantic Notions 7
This is a lovely hand painted vase that I scored for a song from one of my favorite "honey holes" for antiques.  I filled it with a flower piece that my dear friend Sarah made several years ago.  It is a bit dated but that is OK for me because I have a bit of a "vintage roses and lace" theme going.

My Romantic Notions 8
I haven't decided what to put inside the bird cage yet.  I have considered a pink candle, flowers, and even a birds nest or bird.  What do you think I should use?  I would love to hear your ideas.

My Romantic Notions 9
The white candle holder used to have a mate but my naughty Miss Kitty tried to jump up onto the mantel and broke it along with a pretty white ceramic dove...(sigh)...Oh well, these things happen sometimes.

My Romantic Notions 10
This is an antique milk can that belonged to my Grandma.  I am not sure where she got it but she covered it with gold foil and kept it filled with flowers that changed with the seasons.  It was always one of my favorite things and now it belongs with me.  It reminds me of so many happy memories when she was still here.

My Romantic Notions 11
Here we are at the beginning and at the end...the beginning of my living room...this is what greets everyone at the front door...and the end of my post.  I hope you enjoyed my tiny tour of a few of my vintage items that satisfy my romantic notions just a bit.

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Stacey said...

How gorgeous! Aqua definitely shines with pink. I'm in love with your artwork and the way you styled everything!

Debra Howard said...

Pink and aqua have been favorites of mine since I was a kid with crayons. I remember keeping the pink, the aqua, and the lime green crayons in my pocket because they were my favorite. I had forgotten that till your comment.