My Word Of The Year: Focus

I have been doing the "Word of the Year" thing for a couple of years now and I have decided that it definitely does help me.  It gives me one important thing to focus on improving for that year.  My word for 2014 was hope and I did focus on keeping hope in all situations even when sometimes it seemed hopeless.  I would determine to find hope even then.  I can say that hope is far preferable to hopeless in every situation.

Focus: My Word Of The Year

This year, I have decided that my word will be: focus.  I have seen the need in several areas of my life where I need to focus on certain things.  I tend to let myself get sidetracked sometimes and it is because I lose focus.  I have been hearing myself in conversations say, "I need to focus" on this or that.  Yes, I do believe that focus is the word for me this year.

This word has the possibility of great power and change in my life if I will just focus on the right things and let the other go.  There are definitely some areas that I need to change focus on and some other areas where I need to adjust and focus better on.  Yes (shaking my head)  Focus is definitely the word for me!

What word will you choose this year?  I love to hear what other's choose and why.  I would especially love to hear from each of you what word you choose for your word of the year.
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TexWisGirl said...

i hope you can attain it! :)

Becky Cavender said...

Focus is a powerful word! My words of the year are: gentle effervescence. :)