Count Your Blessings

Keep Your Focus and Count Your Blessings

Have you ever noticed how sadness seems to come and try to stay?  We are going through quite a bit of sadness lately with the loss of 2 more dear ones this past week.  One of those dear ones, I wrote about last week, he passed quietly in the night last week and we laid him to rest on Monday.   God chose to give him the ultimate healing.  He will be missed.

On the heels of that loss, unbelievably there was another.  My dear elderly neighbor passed away.  I will miss our chats over the bushes and I will miss his friendly smile and soft voice.  He was one of those people whom you just couldn't help but love and he was an awesome neighbor to have.  He will be missed.

Although I seem to have a lot of sadness lately, there have also been lots of smiles.  I am so pleased to say that after an entire year of watching my dad go through a serious life threatening injury where he lost most of his calf and then several life threatening illnesses that cost him more time in the hospital than out, he is doing well.  It seems that he may be facing a surgery soon but we have hopes that he will do well after we pass that hurdle.  I am grateful for every single day I have with him and my mom.

We are also grateful to have my dear mother in law doing so much better after almost losing her to a serious illness.

I have to say that I have wept many tears in the past few weeks.  I haven't always felt so grateful each and every day.  There have been moments when I thought the grief and stress would take me down like a weight to the bottom of the sea.  There seems to have been so many things to cause me to grieve and to feel stressed about.

It would be easy in times like this to begin to count the sadness but I know that isn't the right way to handle so much grief.  I know that what you focus on begins to grow and I definitely do not want the grief to grow so, I will count my blessings. I will  focus on the things that I am grateful for.  I will grieve the loss but I won't let it become the focus.  Isn't it funny how the very word that I chose for my year became so very important so quickly?

 I will focus on the goodness that God has blessed me with.  I will focus on how many loved ones I still have on this earth with me.  I will focus on how much rain and moisture we have been blessed with.  I will focus on my joy to soon receive a new baby grandson, Barrett Michael in April.   I will focus on how nice it is to get my dining room cabinets cleaned and organized.  I will focus on making sure that my loved ones know how very much they mean to me and  with that said, please know how very much all of you out there in bloggy land mean to me.  You matter.  Your sweet comments are like balm to a dry weary soul. You make my life brighter and I am so very grateful for each of you.
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Stacey said...

That kind of focus is especially hard sometimes. When you feel good think long and hard on it....that's what I do. Count those blessings over and over. :)

Art and Sand said...

A wonderful post for me to read this morning.

My thoughts were a little twisted this week - focusing on what I didn't have instead of all my blessings. I had already told myself to snap out of it and then I saw your post which was a good kick in the behind. All my woes were over "things" and here you were worried about lovely people.

So today, it will be all about the positive. Hope you dad is okay!