Howard Open House Christmas Tour

Welcome To The Howard Open House Christmas Tour
Welcome to the Howard Open House Christmas Party Tour.  I am so pleased to give you a peek at my Christmas decorations.  For our party, we like to put out a little book for guests to sign in and give us their email address.  We add them to our big list of Email addresses for party invitations the next year.

Welcome To The Howard Open House Christmas Tour 1
When you come into our front door this is what you see this year for Christmas.  Yes, that is my dear husband's head.  He is pretty exhausted.  He has been back and forth to the E.R. many many times the past few days and still has the rest of the weekend to cover it.  I know he is looking forward to his days off at Christmas.

Welcome To The Howard Open House Christmas Tour 2
Here is a picture of my tree during the day time.  This is much how it looked for my guests at the party.  I like to use white tulle under my tree with white christmas lights (on white wire) lit up under the tulle.  It makes the tree really beautiful 

Welcome To The Howard Open House Christmas Tour 3
Here is a peek at my tree in the night time with presents everywhere.  I like to coordinate my wrapping paper to my tree.  It doesn't cost extra to buy paper that coordinates and the ribbon can be bought at really great prices if you buy after Christmas or during the Christmas sales.

Welcome To The Howard Open House Christmas Tour 4
I enjoy my Christmas decorations so very much that I am always a little sad when it is time to take them down.  I love to sit in my chair with a cup of Peach or Apricot Chai Tea in the mornings and late evenings and just enjoy all the decorations while I spend time with the Lord.

Welcome To The Howard Open House Christmas Tour 5

I have lots of glitter because it reflects the lights so well and lots of lights because it reminds me that the light of the world has come and He loves me!  He loves me so much that He actually gave His life for me and didn't stop there.  He raised up from the dead for me!  He wanted to show me how very much He loves me and you! I don't deserve that but He loves me anyway and that is definitely a reason to celebrate.

Welcome To The Howard Open House Christmas Tour 6

My picture doesn't show it very well, but my darker pillows are actually a teal color rather than blue.  I love pillows!  If you got a peek into a couple of my closets you would be reassured of that!  I like to change them out with the seasons.

Welcome To The Howard Open House Christmas Tour 7

At Christmas time in my house, even the shelves get festive.  I love to add touches of Christmas everywhere.  It is my very favorite holiday and so I decorate everywhere!  Stay tuned for tomorrow when I give you a tour of my Kitchen Gingerbread and Candyland!  I used to have quite the collection of Christmas Coke too but sometimes our collections change and/or evolve.  I decided to let go of it and so now my Kitchen has changed a bit in looks at Christmas.  I will share it with your tomorrow right here at Texasdaisey Creations

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love your color scheme and your home looks lovely for Christmas. Thank you for the tour.

Have a peace, joy and love filled Christmas ~ FlowerLady