Christmas Party Again

We Had a Christmas Party Again
Our Annual Hospital Christmas Party was once again  a success.  We had quite a few people come this year and many compliments for the food and the decor.  A good time was had by all.

We Had a Christmas Party Again 1

My dear friend Jo Reimer catered the party with many beautiful and delicious foods that pleased everyone.  Some of her dishes included beef brisket, turkey and gravy, chicken fajitas, pork tenderloin along with many yummy finger foods.

We Had a Christmas Party Again 2

Here is a view of the table from the other side before all the food was placed.  Can you believe there was actually more food added?  Jo does not leave my guests unsatisfied.  She loves to add new foods to the table through out the evening.  She says it keeps the guests interested in the food table.  She is definitely right about that.  I believe it is her wonderful food that keeps them coming back every year.

We  Had a Christmas Party Again 3

I served Iced Tea Punch that was a recipe I got from my dear friend, Karla.  She would make it for her open house every year at her flower shop.  It was always a great crowd pleaser and continues to be so for my parties too.  We had to fill this huge punch server more than once.

We Had a Christmas Party Again 4

We had a soup bar this year which offered Jo's homemade breads, Chicken Taco Soup, and Prime Rib Soup.  Oh my!  Those soups were so good and people loved them so much they were begging Jo to add them to her menu at her restaurant, Blessings.  It is a tiny little jewel that is off the beaten path a bit in Seymour, but oh so worth the diversion.  It is definitely a local favorite and quickly becomes a favorite of any who stop by on their way through Seymour.  We actually ran out of Jo's soups this year because they were such a hit that many went back for 2nd and 3rd helpings.  There were even a few who took some home.  All I can say about them is, "yummy!"

We Had a Christmas Party Again 5

I want to say a big thank you to everyone of my guests for coming.  You are all special to us and we love you. Thank you also to Jo's ladies who came to help with the food.  You did a wonderful job and I was very pleased.  I look forward to next year's party and especially the fun time with my guests.

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Jenny Lynn said...

It looks wonderful. I love all the decor, the food looks like really tasty. Amazing!

Michelle said...

That is all so very beautiful! No doubt it was delicious as well. Love the decor.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love the combination of blue and silver in your decor!