Dreft Laundry soap will make a Westie white again

I am much better now...if you don't count the sniffle that is left over.  Baby Z is much better too.  I am still working on purging some of my stuff to others who may benefit...that is quite a job when you consider how much I have stashed in my drawers and closets but I am not giving up.

The keys I found in my nightstand found their owner after 4 years of being missing.  I never expected that when I blogged about them but you never know what will happen when you blog about something.

The adorable dog above was sitting on the couch next to me when I was keeping Baby Z.  They let him come in because of the cold.  I still have a stuffy nose but I could smell this dog.  OMG, he smelled like the back end of something gross and that was with a stuffy nose.  He isn't my dog but I decided that if I had to share the sofa with him, then, he was getting a bath.  I shampooed him with 3 different shampoos, Creme Rinse, Dreft Laundry Soap, and then Dawn Dish Soap and Creme Rinse again before that water rinsed away clear.  OMG the fleas on that dog were another story...I won't even go into that because it grosses me out to think about them ...we did have a body count and they are now with their maker.  Now we can share the sofa in peace...by the way...Dreft laundry soap will turn a Westie that is so dirty he is brown, back to white again.  Didn't know that before...was just trying to kill the fleas...thankfully his owner called and told me where to find the Dawn Dish Soap to finish them off.

Isn't this face the sweetest?  I sure think so anyway and she has the demeanor to go with the face...adorable.  She helped me give that dog a bath...she likes pouring the bucket of water over him.  Between us we got the job done to the great relief of her mom and dad (they planned a bath for him when they got home from work.)

I went for a mammogram today...I only went because I found a lump and a couple other signs that aren't usually good...I am nearly 51 and I can say for sure...It will be another 50 before they get me to do that again...Yes, I do mean that!  OMG, I was in agony thinking they had been squished beyond recognition or possibility when I hear, "We are going to squeeze it some more."  That tech pulled on my breasts like she thought they were made of rubber or something..."Yeoooowwwwwww!" and then acted surprised when I let out a howl!  I am still not recovered I don't think!  Oh, and yes, the news was good...which only enforces my determination to never ride that train again.

I rewarded myself by getting my hair done and then a pedicure and I am still not feeling happy again at this point... I really wanted more time on that massage chair but the little Asian lady finally kicked me out...At least it felt that way as she handed me my purse, my boots, and held out a hand to pull me up...I guess I should make room for the next customer...sigh...now I can't even go shop this feeling away because I am schlepping around in their little foam flip flops and it is 29 degrees outside.

My hubby was so sweet to me though...he knew what would help...he went to the store and bought me some Coke...Yes, a coke on ice might just do the trick (And yes, I know how much sugar and acid is in that drink but sometimes I just don't care!) Today is one of those days when I don't care!  I can care again tomorrow! I am having a Coke! And I may just have some chocolate to go with it!
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Stacey said...

Debbie, here's my advice about mammograms because you have to do them!!

Time it very carefully in the month... you know like not right before your period or when you breasts are tender. It makes a huge difference.

I'm cracking up that you said she kicked you out at the pedicure. They love you like a best friend when they are working on you but when it's over it's over! Right?

Hope you are feeling better!

TexWisGirl said...

poor pup.

do not ever give up your mammograms. that bit of pain or discomfort is well worth knowing...

Debra Howard said...

Yes, You are right my friend (hanging my head) I do need to keep getting them...I don't like it but I do know you are right. Thanks for all the tips...I will definitely give them a try.

Debra Howard said...

Yes, you are right. Our health needs to be a priority. And knowing everything is OK counts for a lot.