Is Your Blog Controlling Your Life?

What if your blog is controlling your life

I am seeing a disturbing trend online that is making me wonder how many bloggers are letting their blogs control their life. I am seeing bloggers put up project after project after project and recipe after recipe after recipe that makes me wonder when they spend time with their families.

I am seeing many bloggers fall into that hamster wheel of projects and recipes and more simply to get a blog post up.  That is a sure way to blogger burnout.  That is also a sure way to get your family and your home completely out of sorts.  Are you posting recipes that you think everyone wants to see but your family is eating sandwiches then how are you staying true to purpose?  If you are taking beautiful gorgeous photos of what appears to be House beautiful and the reality is, that spot where the photo was taken is the only clean part of your home then what have you really accomplished?

I'm not suggesting that your life and home should be perfect before you blog.  I am suggesting that there needs to be balance.  I am suggesting that your blog needs to fit into your life and not become your life.  If you are blogging solely to make money and it has taken over your life, then maybe it is time to examine whether blogging is the best way to do that or maybe it is time to change your game plan for your blog so that it can do that without ruling your life.

I have been there.  Only for me it wasn't the blog, it was my painting.  I was painting from the minute I woke up until the minute that I went to bed.  I found myself fitting my family in around the painting.  I loved painting, I am good at painting, I was sought after as a painter, I was helping my family by making money painting...or was I?  I found myself feeling frustrated, angry, exhausted, and driven.  My house was a mess, I was a mess, my family was a mess and no one was happy.

I began to realize that whatever money I was making wasn't worth the price I was paying.  I was missing out on reading to my small children at bedtime because I had an order to get filled.  I was just throwing together any old meal or worse, feeding them out of the freezer because I didn't have time.  The laundry was piled, the dishes were piled, and the jobs that a stay at home mom should be doing were piled.  I was missing it.

When I realized just how badly I was missing it, I stopped.  I laid my brushes down, I packed my paints and painting items up.  We had our home back (the paints had taken over the dining room, the living room and even the kitchen.)  I cleaned my house, I did my laundry and dishes, and I began to spend real time with my children and husband.  Thankfully, I realized before it was too late.  I wish I had realized sooner.  I didn't miss that money. I didn't even miss painting (that was a sure indicator).  I felt like a real mom and wife again instead of some painting robot.  It was a whole year before I painted anything again.  When I painted again, I didn't let it take over this time.  I had learned my lesson.

I know it sometimes requires 2 salaries to make it in life, but I also know that a family can make it on one salary too.  At the time I went through my painting break.  My husband was making $10 an hour. We had no health insurance and we had 3 children and we owned our own home.  I know how it is, I have lived it.  I have also discovered that there are some things that just don't matter in the end.  My family is what truly matters.  They are my legacy to the world and the future.

If you find yourself feeling driven, frustrated, angry, and exhausted all the time especially when life happens then maybe you are on a hamster wheel that needs to stop.  Just step off and step back.  Examine where you are, where you are wanting to be, and how can you get there in the best way possible for you and your family.  Stop letting your blog drive your life and you start living your life instead.  If you continue to blog, great, but make it fit into your life rather than fitting your life around your blog.

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Rose Tresures said...

I know exactly what you are saying!!!! I hear you loud and clear!!!! At most, I post 8 times a month on my blog, sometimes no more than 4 times. When I do post, they seem to be long posts, but....I am so OK with a long post. I would rather post 1 long post than 2 or 3 posts daily, making 10 to 20 posts a week and being tied to the blog. I will say what I need to say in that post and be ok with it. When it starts to feel like it is consuming me, I step back and see what needs to happen. Thanks for sharing on this subject.
hugs, Patty

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Great post!

Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

Debra Howard said...

Thanks for weighing in Patty. This is such an important subject and You are right. It is better to keep our blogs in perspective with our lives.

Trish Jackson said...

Hi Debbie, This is a good check-up. I'm not quite to that point but I could get there. I cooked a lot before I started blogging so my family eats well regardless - that is a plus. The house-work is getting neglected more than I want to admit, though. I am just starting the blogging and I'm finding the time-suckers are the learning tutorials and social media. I really need to set time-limits and be diligent. Thank you for this 'accountability check'. Blessings - Trish

Paula Mello said...

Hi Debie! I'm from Brazil and I came here to your virtual home from pinterest because the fireflies. They are pretty rare here too. Then I start to read and read and read hohoho

I love this post, it's so true!!

I do not feel burdened with this obligation with my blog but I have some friends right in this way to post so much, so often, every day.

Nice, really.

Thank you.