You have purpose, your life is not random

Does your life feel a bit random or mundane?  Do you wonder why things happen a certain way?  Do you look for the meaning in life, especially in your own life?  Let me assure you that life is not random.  You have a purpose.  You have a part in time and history that no one in all of time can replace. 

If your life feels mundane then it is probably because you are looking at it wrong.  Maybe it is time to frame it differently so that you can see how very exciting life can be.  What do I mean by framing it differently?  Well, I mean instead of just letting life happen each day, change the frame.  Spend a little time talking to God and ask Him, who is supposed to be on your plate.  Who is it that you are supposed to love and minister to today.  Then go out into your normal everyday life looking for God to bring that person into your day.  When it happens then you will know it is time and that you are on.

Is that too predictable for you?  Maybe change it up and ask God to bring some divine appointments into your life (you never know what these will be).  How exciting would it be to have someone call you on the phone from a large phone carrier in order to sell you something and you end up ministering to them and even praying with them?  It has happened to me more than once.  

Sometimes it is someone on the phone, sometimes it is someone who knocks on my door (I have ministered to lots of Schwan Men).   Sometimes it is someone I see at a check out stand somewhere, or sometimes it is someone in a store.  Once, the Lord told me to give a woman in Walmart a big hug.  It was scary but I asked him to cross our paths and when He did, I struck up a conversation with her.  After a bit, I asked if it would be OK to hug her because God kept telling me to hug her.  She was delighted and even got tears in her eyes.  

Understand that if you frame your day this way, you need to be hearing God clearly because how awkward would it be to hug someone who doesn't want it or who thinks you are a weirdo.  I tell you that, not as a warning but as a promise of how cool it is to draw closer and listen to what God is saying for you today.  I promise that if you try this way of life that the mundane will turn exciting very quickly.  Every day will become a day of possibility and mystery and excitement.  And best of all, you will be even closer to God (the greatest treasure in your life)

Are you seeing life a little differently now?  That is because you are seeing it with a different frame.  Go out there and love somebody with God's love.  Go on a treasure hunt and find the treasure that God wants you to show his love to.   You never know what seemingly random thing will happen next but remember God has a purpose for whatever or whomever He brings your way, so ask Him what He wants you to do about it.

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Dana Bishop said...

This is a very meaningful post and I needed it today! I'm glad I found it. Blessings on your weekend Debra!

Debra Howard said...

You are so welcome Dana! Thank you for stopping by and for the sweet Comment. You made my day. :0)