I Love Starbucks Even Though Starbucks Doesn't Love Me

Most of my friends know that I love Starbucks.  I love their teas, their coffees (hot or cold) and I love their banana bread.  I even have a Verissimo machine so I can make my own drinks at home since we don't have a Starbucks in our city (what is the deal about that Starbucks?)

The sad thing is that Corporate Starbucks doesn't like me (Even though I give them lots of $)  That is OK though because I am a forgiving sort.  Forgiving is part of my faith.  I choose to forgive them and not hold it against them that they hate me because that is what I'm called to do.  Yes, I could do like many and just take my business elsewhere.  Or I can choose to love them anyway and love their employees hoping to make a difference.

Some of my very favorite glory stories take place at Starbucks.  I love to pay for the order of the car behind me as a "God loves you" kind of testimony.  Sometimes when I have cash on me, I love to leave a huge tip that is way out of line just so I can show the servers some love.  The other day someone in the Vintage Black Doge Car ahead of me in Wichita Falls (I like old cars so I noticed) purchased my order for me.  That was so fun especially since just that morning I had been asking God for some of the harvests that I had been sowing into.  It was like getting a big hug from God.  It actually made me cry because of His overwhelming goodness to me.

A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with someone I met at a HeartSync Conference, We decided to meet at a Starbucks for a visit.  It was an impromptu meeting that we scheduled after meeting a couple years ago.  God just laid it on her heart to contact me and so she did.  God told me to take her a gift.  It was a Tallit Prayer Shawl that I had just ordered from Israel for myself.  It was still new in the bag because I hadn't had time to open it yet.  I put it into a gift sack and off I went for my meeting. (I knew I couldn't out give God, He always gives back way more than I can ever give away)  My friend brought me a gift too.  She brought me earrings from Africa (I love Africa and was even wearing leopard print that day!)  She also brought me a word from God that meant even more to me. Even cooler than that, she was about to leave for Israel that next week (I had no idea, but God did).

We spent a few minutes praying for each other (right there in the Starbucks in full view of the public).  God began to move and before we knew it we had others join us and we had a full-fledged prayer meeting. We were praying and giving words to anyone near us who wanted to join..  I made two more friends in the Lord that day and that made it a red letter day for me (Everyone knows the words in Red letters are always the best).

I know Starbucks doesn't like Christians, but that is OK because we are going to love them back anyway (You will know the true Christians by their love). Maybe if we keep loving, and praying and ministering to them and anyone else they think we hate then maybe someday, the owner of Starbucks will come to know the Lord and all His awesomeness too.  There is definitely room at the cross for him and anyone else who wants to come.

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Anonymous said...

I usually fall back on S.G. Tallentyre's statement, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." After all, that's why we live in America and why our soldiers, ultimately, fight for our basic rights and that of others around the world. For me, though, it goes both ways. To be a Christian is to love everyone, regardless is you agree, or accept, their stance on various issues. So when a company that claims to be governed by Christian directives withholds basic services and / or benefits to its customers or employees, I will not support them. My lack of support won't change their bottom line, but it keeps me in line with my own standards and principles of how every human being should be treated. Sadly, the companies that do not push a Christian agenda actually end up extending more Christ-like acceptance than those that do. Love this post, Debbie. You ROCK. So glad to see the real Christian spirit at work in you -- wherever you happen to be. For He did say, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am also." -- Matthew 18:20 (BTW, kudos to you for blogging on a controversial subject, too!)

Lisa said...

Have you tried the new teas they carry.. oh so good. All from Teavanna. I dont drink coffee anylonger. Enjoyed your blog so much.

Lisa said...

I have you on Bloglovin since leaving Blogger. Decided to day was the day to visit once again.
Have an awesome week.

Debra Howard said...

Yep, you are so right...so many times we Christians fall down in business and that is a sad thing. I guess the thing to do is keep on loving people even though there are many of us who don't. We can't really speak for them except to say they just need a deeper revelation of the love of God. When faced with someone who doesn't love me back, God always seems to be there asking me, "How are they going to know how to love others if no one ever loves them first...show them my love." I may not agree with someone's politics, beliefs, or anything much but I can find a way to love them even if it is just the fact that they need someone to love them even when they don't know it yet. Thanks for stopping by Robin and weighing in. It means so much to me. You rock too girl and so does your blog.

Debra Howard said...

Yes, I have, their Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte tea is one of my favorites.

Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much Lisa. I appreciate you and all my followers. I will definitely look you up on Bloglovin.