I Am At A Place Of Thanksgiving

My view in United Regional Hospital as I wait...
This is the view I had after a crazy week and at the beginning of a very crazy weekend...this is the one moment of quiet I had...my brain was not so quiet though...this is the view I had as I waited on my husband to come out of emergency surgery for an appendectomy...this was only the third day after I sent my parents off to the E.R...my dad was in the hospital again after a year of more in than out...a year of life threatening health issues...It was only 2 weeks after my mother in law was also in the hospital with life threatening health issues...I didn't really get the quiet that my brain needed but I did arrive at a really good place...a place of thanksgiving.

I am so thankful...thankful for so many things...
My husband came out of a not so easy surgery with his health in tact (minus one angry appendix)...he came home a couple of days later with a grateful wife...I don't sleep well when he isn't there with me...I guess that must happen after so many years together...32 wonderful happy years...years that I am so thankful for...

Even days with a grumpy grand child are days to be thankful for.
You know that old saying..."No rest for the weary"...I was off very early the next morning to care for my beloved grand daughter...her other grandma had to be with her husband for a serious health issue...Baby Z didn't have such a great day...she was cutting a couple of teeth...thankfully for this weary Gigi...she was back to her sweet smiling self when I came back again on Wednesday.

I am so thankful for each and every curl on that sweet head
Oh! How I love those sweet curls on that sweet head of that sweet little girl...I am thankful for every single curl...every single smile...every single hug and kiss...even every single grumpy day...it is funny how even those days become important after such a scare...how even the mundane or crazy is preferable to other options.

I am also so thankful for that face...it greets me at the beginning and end of every day.

 And then there is this face that greets me at the beginning and end of every day...he was my company while my husband was away...I am grateful for him too...he makes me feel safer and loved...although never as loved as my husband makes me feel...now I feel a bit weepy...I think the last several weeks have worn me down a bit emotionally...I am so grateful that I could really weep.

I am thankful for old and new memories

On a happier note...this is a rocker that gives me many happy memories...it belonged to my grandma...I spent many happy hours sitting beside this rocker and with another on the other side where my grandpa sat...they told me so many things in those hours as we looked out the open front door...watching the day go by...My daughter took this rocker from it's previous state of stripped down to the wood pieces to the beauty you see now...I am grateful for it's memories and grateful for the new ones that will be made as I rock the next generation...I am grateful today for so many things...and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet... (wiping away tears)

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Beverly said...

Oh Debbie! Your words touched my heart! It is amazing how God gives us calm and peace during the storm. I love you my friend!

Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much my friend! It is amazing how God does that.

TexWisGirl said...

glad your husband is okay. sorry you have had so many family illnesses and stresses lately. my pups keep me company, too. :)

Poppy said...

Hi Debra,

So lovely to meet you!

How wonderfully calming it was to read this post, so full of life's many joys of family, health, love, and appreciation. I'm glad your hubby is doing well. Your grandmother's rocking chair looks very comfy, and I'm sure it brings back many sweet memories.

Happy weekend!

P.S.: Thanks for visiting Poppy View and hope to see there again, soon!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Debra ~ I'm also glad your hubby is doing well. With all of the ER trips for everyone else too, it's no wonder you are emotional. It is good to weep, and God bottles all of our tears.

Sweet grand-daughter and the photo of your dog made me want to bawl. There is so much soul in his eyes. My husband loved dogs and he would have loved this photo.

Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady