Feedsack Curtain Upcycle

What do you do with old feedsacks that you paid $3 a piece for at the Junk Gypsy Antiques Week in Roundtop, Texas?  If you are my daughter, Lindsey then you make curtains out of them.  See how she made a country farmhouse style curtain from a old vintage feedsack much like these.

Lindsey likes her home to rock the Vintage Farmhouse look and a feedsack curtain was just the thing she needed to block the sunlight streaming through the window on their front door.  She decided that this feedsack was the perfect size and coloring for her project.  She used a black curtain rod and clips from Target to hang her new curtain but decided that it needed a little something added to her new curtain.

She had some ripped muslin leftover from another project that was just perfect for her needs.  By the way, did you know that you can rip muslin and cotton fabrics easier than cutting them.  The rip will be straight and perfect.  When I make quilts or curtains I always rip my larger pieces rather than cutting.  It saves loads of time.

Lindsey also had some wired burlap ribbon leftover from another project that would be perfect for her new farmhouse styled curtain as well.

She removed the wire from the piece of burlap ribbon that she cut for her curtain.  It was not needed on this project.  Lindsey discovered that if you don't remove the wire then it hangs up on your sewing machine.  After 7 tries she was ready to throw the ruffle and her sewing machine through the window.  After removing the wire, things worked much better on her project.

She cut the burlap ribbon and muslin the same length because she would be using both as a rustic style ruffle on her feedsack curtain.  She made the muslin a bit wider than the burlap ribbon so that it would hang a bit longer on the ruffle. Lindsey decided to put the muslin under the burlap ribbon because that is what looked best with her feedsack but you could do this opposite if you prefer.

She decided to add a few pleats into the ruffle rather than ruffling the entire length of burlap ribbon and muslin.  She sewed her pleats 1/2 inch folds about 2 inches apart.

She sewed the pleated ruffle to her burlap sack curtain with her trusty sewing machine.  She sewed the burlap sack on top of the pleated pieces and that way there would be no need for hemming.  I thought this was pretty smart and saved tons of time and work.

Voila! Her curtain turned out perfect for her vintage farmhouse styled home.

And that is her Junk Gypsy inspired burlap feedsack curtain.

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Sweet! She did a great job.

Kyla @ HouseOfHipsters said...

Great idea! Turned out really cute! Found you on the Knick of Time link up =)

Debra Howard said...

Thank you Lorraine! I think she did pretty great too...of course I could be a bit biased since she is my oldest daughter. :0)

Debra Howard said...

Thanks Kyla for the sweet comment and for stopping by from the party! Headed over to check your blog out! :-)