Words of Hatred or Words of Love?

Let no corrupt word proceed from your mouth scripture Ephesians 4:29

Have you ever heard that old saying that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?  Many of us are taught that saying by well-meaning parents trying to help their child not be so wounded when the world says ugly things to them.  I am sorry but I disagree with that saying and I disagree with teaching our children that words do not matter.

Words do matter and scripture teaches that they matter.  Words have the power to tear down and destroy as well as the power to build up and create.  Think about it...how did Hitler get so much power in Germany?  Hitler didn't fight those wars alone.  He used words to inspire the people to fall into line with his twisted beliefs.

How did other men such as George Washington inspire those men to battle so bravely when everything was against them?  They were cold, hungry, exhausted and yet they battled on to win the war.  You can bet it was because he inspired them with his words.

We see the same thing happen even today in the political arena, the news media, the workplace, athletics, etc.  Did you know that something supernatural happens when we speak?  Every time we speak we either empower God in our lives or we empower the enemy.  That is why the scripture says we will be held accountable for every idle word.

Many people carry the wounds caused by words from their parents, family, employers,  or "friends" for a lifetime.  Many of us have words that still play like a tape recording in our minds,  words that continue to wound and control our lives.  The person who said them has probably forgotten all about them but the one receiving those words remembers them all too well.

What kind of words are you releasing?  Are you letting words of curse and hatred leave your mouth or are you releasing words of truth and love?  We are told by scripture not only to speak the truth but to speak it in love.  Do you find yourself jumping at the chance to talk about other people (It may be the truth but is it from a place of love that you speak)?  Do you find yourself mumbling or grumbling or even shouting when someone cuts you off in traffic?  Do you hear yourself calling someone (maybe even your kids) ugly names when you get angry?  All these are signs that you are empowering the enemy rather than God.  They are also signs that you are not walking in love.

Understand that I am speaking to myself as well as all my readers.  I am currently in a battle over my words.  My nature wants to gossip and slander (especially when I feel wronged by someone).  My tongue wants to curse and say ugly things when I am hurt or angered.  It wants to call people idiots when they cut me off in traffic but I am determined that I will make my tongue submit.  I am determined to stop it from doing any more harm than it already has to my life and/or the lives of the people around me.  With the grace that God so lovingly gives me, I WILL use my tongue to release the goodness of God.  I will speak encouragement rather than criticisms.  I will speak love and not hatred. I will not let the times that I fail, stop me from trying again and again and again until I can win this battle.   

Will you join me in this battle over words?  Will you help me change the world and turn the tide  Are you willing to put a bridle on your tongue and set a guard at your mouth so that we can release God to work rather than the enemy?  Let's do this!  Let's release truth and love!

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Anonymous said...

I love it when writers decide to change up things on their blogs, or come out with a new book, that disrupt their own status quo. So often I've noticed that writers lock themselves into particular subjects on their blogs and, perhaps out of fear of losing readers, find themselves blocked in expressing what is actually on their mind and in their hearts. Kudos to you for breaking free! How refreshing to read your post (which I whole-heartedly agree with) and see another side of the writer. A deeper, more reflective look at what makes one who they are.

Debra Howard said...

Thank you so much Robin, sometimes we just have to march to our own beat and I guess this is my time to do that. Thanks for the encouragement...you really do rock!

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! What a great, inspiring message. With the grace of God,I am joining you in this battle. Thank you for blessing me and may you also be blessed. RELEASE TRUTH AND LOVE<3