Texas Taco Salad

This is a Summertime salad that my family really enjoys.  The best part  is that from the leftover meat mixture, I can make several other meals.

Taco Salad

1 lb Hamburger, Browned
1 Pkg Grated Cheddar Cheese
1 Head Green Leaf Lettuce, Washed and Torn.
1 Can Ranch Style Beans
1 Pkg Cheesy Doritos, Chopped.
Grape Tomatoes, 
1 sm Onion Chopped (can be any kind)
Cilantro Chopped
Dorthy Lynch Dressing (optional)

Brown the hamburger meat and drain the oil completely away (I rinse mine).  Add the can of Ranch Style beans to this mixture.  I don't mix all these ingredients into a large bowl because if there are leftovers then they will be soggy.  I put the meat mixture in one bowl and all the other ingredients in separate bowls and I allow everyone to build their own salad.  My family loves to add the dressing to their salad, I like mine without dressing.

If you don't like Cheesy Doritos then you can use any kind of Corn Chip in exchange.

If there are leftovers then I store them in separate containers so we can make a fresh salad or we can use these same ingredients in some other meals such as California Tacos (with an extra ingredient of Ranch Style Beans) and others that I will share this week.

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Michelle said...

A summer time favorite for us!